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Goo Hye Sun's Star News Interview Thru Kaga's Blog

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Bella started with Pink Fairy’s link.

The blogger is Kaga and he is one of the men who is wearing a blazer and white shirt inside. He says he is of same age as GHS. He also summarized what GHS said most of the time, so sometimes I may just summarize him.

Kaga traveled far to participate in the Star News and he is excited. These participants seem to be all owners of blogs and had to come an hour before the actual interview time (1 PM on October 21, 2009 at Café Manolin) in order to go over the preliminaries and agenda before meeting GHS.

I am sure you gathered from the pix that these bloggers’ questions are written inside orange, folded papers and arranged inside a cup. GHS is to pick these folded papers one at a time and answer the questions written on them in order. I guess that is why contestants had to submit their questions ahead of time.

Kaga, the blogger, says that bloggers got along fine before the meeting of GHS and one of them is suppose to be a ‘power-blogger’ from the Naver site. He did not have enough time to thoroughly look at the Café and he is especially interested in looking at GHS paintings and promises himself to return before the paintings are taken down on October 31, 2009. '

Kaga is touched by GHS’ first greeting to the bloggers: “Have you even eaten before you came today?” (Such questions about whether someone ate or not is a basic Asian courtesy of being concerned about others. Right?) Kaga feels almost immediately touched by her question which indicate to him that GHS is a sincere and considerate person. He describes GHS as “full of tender smell of people about her”. (Korean ideom which may mean that she is very relatable? He also senses traces of GHS in every nooks and crannies and corners of the Café Manolin. (I think he sensed correctly!)

Finally, she came. Red hoodie, grey skinny jeans and black boots of the Shinhwa days. So much more casual(?) than I expected. But, underneath that hood is such a white, pretty face that I almost sighed.

In Kaga’s blog, GHS’s first question is different from another one.
First Question: What is GHS’ dress code?

GHS says that she knows that she has to wear a dress in certain occasions and certain places. But she feels very awkward in a dress. Normally, she prefers to wear casual clothing which she may either make it herself or buy off the rack at the Dong Dae Moon Market (the famous market in Seoul that offers anything for less. If I am not mistaken, I think KHJ’s parents have a shop there. Right?

Another blogger writes that GHS said that she likes clothes that do not expose her and that s/he really likes that about her.)Why?GHS feels that casual clothing that she chooses to wear have more variety and uniqueness to them.What does your agency say about that?She smiles softly while she says that her Agency does not really like it. However, she says that even in formal occasions like movie screenings she prefers casual dressing because it makes her feel closer to the general public. She proudly notes that her sunbaes have liked her concept of dressing. Kaga comments that this is one of GHS’s charms.

Second Question: How do you manage all your ideas?
Kaga is very interested in how someone like GHS, who does so many activities, manages all her ideas, as he himself often looks for efficient management ideas for his field of design. “I usually post memos to myself.”With another smile, GHS says that she usually goes back to these memos and organizes them one to two pages. When she looks at her old memos, she recognizes her innocence of those old days and sometimes feels embarrassed.

In the past, she would try to think and ponder over her ideas alone, but now, she often discusses her ideas with others. That way, she develops her ideas even further and even learns more from that experience. Then, GHS turns around to face the picture frames to say that she hung these frames one by one herself, hanging from a ceiling. She spoke about it so excitedly that Kaga is reminded of the child-like GHS.
She just started to hang one picture frame at a time and then suddenly such a design resulted. “Don’t you think an idea also comes from un-planning?” (I really get the feeling that GHS is very proud of her picture arrangement and I feel she is also saying something much deeper here---i.e. I don’t always have to know what I am doing in advance or where I am going beforehand or always control the future in order to make something beautiful. That is my interpretation.
What do you think, soompies? Everything that she says or does seems like a piece of art, doesn’t it?) Then, Kaga comments that “her talk moves to the mountain” (I think he means she digresses away from the topic at hand)..Kaga sees how thoroughly GHS enjoys conversing and realizes how much she really enjoys the company of people.

Third Question: Cooking and Dancing. If these are the only two left, which one would you choose first?

She starts to laugh and says that she does not think these questions are for her. She is not good in either of them. Then, she says that, whatever it is, it can work if I try them. Even if I fail, I will always gain something, learn something. If I only make excuses or blame others, I cannot look at myself. Kaga comments that he is again realizing GHS as an earnest/serious person. “Whatever it may be, it can work out if you have a positive mindset.” Kaga seems to have been stimulated/energized by GHS’ statement because he repeats what she says to himself. (Isn’t it interesting? Isn’t that what GHS wants from the general public?)

Fourth Question: You recently made the opening trailer for AISFF. Could you explain your concept?

Kaga was excited because it is his question.Actually he was hoping for his other question to be picked but he was OK with it. Kaga saw a TV program where GHS and Director Kim Ki Duk came out to present the trailer for 7th AISFF. Even the Director Kim stated that the trailer was very difficult to understand, so Kaga wanted to hear directly from GHS who directed the trailer.

GHS: “I feel that short films must have an outrageous and lawless element in them. That is what I tried to express in the trailer.”Due to budget shortage, I regret that I could not express everything that I hoped. I wanted to send out the feel of media art and to tell a story of “love” within it. Through the female actress, she wanted to express the feelings of love and hate and to draw out those feelings through the images. Something outrageous! Kaga wonders how much and how deeply GHS must have pondered for the short few seconds of the film.

Fifth: What do you think about when you look around?

She smiles and says that she says what she feels at the moment, but tries to be positive. Kaga comments that GHS is a person full of laughter. She says that she only draws when she feels happy not when she is down. Others chime in to say that, “when depressed, it is good to have a drink” and “when depressed, don’t you feel more like writing?” To those comments, GHS agrees with them while clapping, “That’s right! That’s right!”

GHS also adds that, in the past, she has erased or burnt some of her old writings for fear that other people might find them.

Sixth: (I do not know what ‘kosprae’ means) Is there a type of ‘kosprae’ costume that you are interested in trying?
This question stems from BOF when GHS wore the maid uniform costume (Another blogger said that her maid uniform was a hit in the Korean internet.).
GHS: “Actually,,,,I lean towards men’s things. So I collect men’s clothing and small and particular items and knick knacks usually associated with men. (That is why she has so many lego toys and airplanes and such in her café? I have a feeling the media may have a field day with this statement from GHS. Hahaha) So, the ‘kosprae’ that she really wants to try are: “eating like a horse”, “canteen robot”, “That’s right! That’s right! A fresh man!” ( I wonder if ‘fresh man’ mean a college freshmen? maybe something famous in Korea? Or just a man who is fresh? You know?,,,didn't she already put on the fresh man costume at the PIFF?)

Another person asks GHS, how about a ‘Snow White’? and GHS responds with a smile, “if an occasion arises....”

Seventh: GHS as environmentalist: what do you do to decrease CO2?

GHS thought for a while and says, “To be good, I can say it is for the environment, but I do this for myself—I do not use detergents. I try to let my conscience be my guide. She saw an elderly gentleman recycle and now she recycles also. What she does do persistently is, if she sees the automobile lights on, she would either text or call the person to turn off the lights.” So, Kaga comments to all those who may park near Kang Nam to turn on their car lights on purpose to see if they will get a warning from GHS! (What a kidder!!!)

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