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Goo Hye Sun Star Interview (10/21/09)

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The one question that I am sure everyone is interested in is the question about her ideal type and the type of person she wants to be with:

1. Question: GHS's ideal type and her ideal marriage life?

GHS- Her ideal type continues to change said she. From appearance then to personality then to man's ability/capability then to someone who is able to understand and have consideration for her, hence her ideal continues to change.

When people work in the same field, there is that constant competition/comparison of one's success, etc (basically there is always a competitive streak going on); and if working in completely different fields, that person is unable to understand that other person's line or work and what goes along with it and it could become difficult (basically she is trying to say that she would prefer a person working in the entertainment industry as that person is able to understand her line of work and all that goes along with it like the crazy working hours, schedules, kissing other people as their line of work, etc).

In complete honesty and bluntly put, she said that her ex of 4 years cheated on her. (I'm assuming her ex was not in the same line of work she was- which ex I do not know?)The highlighted part said: I do not like a person who just gives, there has to be a mutual understanding and she would like someone who is loyal.

edit: 2: Although I think "determination" could be part of the word "capability/ability" because if one doesn't have that, how can someone fully realize their potential without any work but for the sake of purity in translating, I'm changing it.

2. Question: A place that she recommends traveling to?
Answer: Mari Island (?- an island, Japan?)- she immediately responded. She has never been there and would definitely love to go there. A place that she would recommend going to and would like to go herself is the South Pole and to the desert. Her friends and herself are presently planning to go there. And the place she had been to several times (had fun) was Paris. Her favorite thing to do is to travel all around Korea.

3. Question: Where do you go to for your skincare?

Answer: Truthfully I haven't been to one in 2 years. (the fan who asked was sort of disappointed that she couldn't give an answer because she really wanted to go to the one GHS goes to)More to follow

4. Question: Method for taking self cam pics?

Answer: Honestly, I do not like taking pictures. (small print: her self cam pics were from long ago when digicams first came onto the market and she was fascinated by it)

5. How does GHS think of Producer Jung Seung Hye?

Answer: (the black print I believe is the fan and the highlighted part is GHS's response) black print: This past May, Jung Sueng Hye passed away from colon cancer and this fan still remembers the reports of GHS sobbing uncontrollably and fainting at her funeral. -

[although GHS later refuted claims of that nature])To GHS, when Jung Seung Hye producer was alive, she was highly revered/respected by GHS and was a sophisticated woman. She was someone who would not lose someone (i think the implication here is that she had loyalty), GHS really really liked her. "Jung Seung Hye has come back to me as a mirror"Because GHS thinks she is looking down on her from heaven, GHS can not lie. GHS said this while laughing.

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