Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fan Notes on Goo Hye Sun's Over the Rainbow Concert

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Goo Hye Sun was wearing a white dress and looked like a goddess with her hair swept to the side. She was playing the piano and the ambience/fragrance/scent and light that were projected and this fan was very much impressed/amazed. This was also very motivating for the fan to practice and try hard in all her endeavors (loose translation on my part as the fan is saying that much effort and dedication were part of the culmination of GHS' efforts for the concert [as well as all her works that have been on display so far] (as what GHS has been basically saying in all her interviews so far and a point that has been emphasized in her interviews be it print or media)

1. To this fan, GHS was basically radiating and looked like a goodess. She really stood out to her even amongst, Isao and Gummy. The fan thought GHS appeared really tall (probably because she has a short torso - much much jealousy on my part!) and was happy and cheerful throughout the concert.

2. GHS did change into the 2NE1 style as Nina posted in the picture above.

3. The concert overall seemed like a success. Gummy performed the "when I turn in the alley song" and the pianist Choi In Hyung was also there who also performed as well the 2 songs: The Sound of Rain and Love's Dream and praised GHS and said that she enjoyed working with her.

4. This was also mentioned in several of Sue's translations but this fan also mentioned that Gummy said how she observed/sensed/gathered the sadness in GHS' works and everyone must support and love GHS.

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