Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kim So Eun Dislikes Playboys like So Yi Jeong

The Japanese Promotion on the 5th at Yokohama University Hall was a great success, featuring many cool songs and performances, and generating great harmony between the Korean artists and Japanese fans.

On this day Kim So Eun expressed, “This is a good event, letting the Japanese fans learn more about me” and “I’m also very close to BoF’s Jan Di. I was like a family to her. However I dislike playboys like So Yi Jeong.”

On boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, Kim So Eun said, “If I were to date, I want a boyfriend who understand the demands of my job. BoF’s Ga Eul seems like a very nice girl. She was able to overcome many difficulties and lead her boyfriend in the right direction.”

She said the following about love scenes with Kim Bum: “Because I’m in the same university as Kim Bum, we were both very embarassed to do love scenes together. While we were shooting, I had a scene where I slipped and fell into Kim Bum’s embrace, and the scene was very embarassing for the both of us. Even though Kim Bum has a very lively and bright personality in school, he is very serious while acting. It is a new look for him.”

She said that she wants to become an actress that is capable of changing, like a chameleon, and act in many different roles. She also asks the Japanese fans to continue supporting her.

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  1. I really like kim so-eun. yo're d best..looking forward for more of your shows. :-0