Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flowerpot's MinSun Analysis 3 + Can't Take My Eyes Off You (MinSun MV)

Here's another sequel to Flowerpot's Minsun Analysis 1 & 2

GHS: I have not done this yet, but I would like to get a license to operate a plane and take my boyfriend on a plane ride.

LMH: The person riding besides you would be scared to death!

Flowerpot's MinSun Analysis 3

Just an observation in the MinSun video for Kings Brunch...

At 9:18 of the video when Hyesun was saying how she'd love to be taking her boyfriend on a plane ride... she unconsciously pointed her thumb at Minho as if to point him out...

COINCIDENCE? You decide...

(click this LINK for a closer look)

's reaction though seems as if he knows the person whom Hyesun's going to be taking on a ride very well to know his reaction... hehehe!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (MinSun MV)

credit: flowerpot@soompi.com + as labeled, vitriana@youtube.com

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