Sunday, August 09, 2009

Flowerpot's MinSun Analysis 1

It has always been a joy reading flowerpot's personal views and observations on the MinSun couple.

Flowerpot's MinSun Analysis 1

So allow me to spazz my heart out and post the things that i love in the video... Am i reading too much into their actions? Maybe... but what can i do? I'm shipping them very, very hard and i'm just pointing out things that are very obvious according to my observations so it's up to you guys to decide if you'd want to agree or not...

Capping my Most Favorite Scenes :

1. The part where they saw each other - I love how sweetly Hyesun called out his name... There was an obvious softness and tenderness to hyesun's voice... but most of all I love how Minho hesitated at first if he should go hug her then went forward as if to throw caution to the wind and just plain hug her... wahahaha!

I also love how Hyesun instinctively puts her hands on his back and how she leaned towards him... there was no awkwardness at all... though it was short, i get the feeling of comfort... as if they're so used to doing this already...

2. In the part where the host asked them when they met last... notice how Minho was looking intently at Hyesun and how he didn't even butt in to answer or second her answers.. He waited for her to answer the question, as if he'd also want to know what she'd say...

Hyesun tilted her head as if to think about it and when she answered, look at the little smile that was playing about Minho's lips as if they are sharing a secret...
(He's probably waiting if she'd let it slip that they met for Bummie's birthday as per Bummie's interview)

3. I also love how seriously proud Minho is of Hyesun's achievements when he was explaining about her exhibition... Like a proud partner, he was just carrying on telling everyone about how good she is while Hyesun stood behind him laughing shyly and looking flatterred

4. I spazzed at the way Minho reenacted how he fell asleep on Hyesun's shoulders for real... So sweet how he leaned towards her...

5. "When i got the part of Goo Junpyo, i felt as if i won the lotto..."
(Minho nods, pause, gives Hyesun a lingering stare meaningfully as if she was a part of the prize for winning the lotto...) Me= DIES... wahahaha!

6. GHS: I have not done this yet, but I would like to get a license to operate a plane and take my boyfriend on a plane ride.
LMH: The person riding besides you would be scared to death!

(As if he knows that person who's going to be riding beside her very well to say that! hahaha! He's probably talking about himself... hehehe! I also wonder why Minho had to bow down and hide his face afterwards... Afraid that he might give too much away? hmmm... hehehe!)

7. The lingering touch once the interview wrapped up which Hyesun did so naturally... I LOVE IT! She's probably thinking that the cameras would have stopped rolling already because they said their thanks hence, she became much more comfortable... Her hand lingered until the video ran out and can i say it LOOKS PERFECT on Minho's arms...


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