Saturday, August 08, 2009

MinSun Interview for TBS King's Brunch (Japanese TV program) 08/08/09

And the long wait is over....
MinSun interview (07/28/09) @ Namsan/Teddy Bear Museum is finally out!

They look good together and sooo adorable!
It's so fitting that the interview was done inside the Namsan cable car
where JunDi had their first date in BOF.

(1) I love the affectionate way MinSun greeted each other.
(2) MinSun matching body movements
(3) cute teddy bear kisses
(4) MinSun chemistry in display

English translated by susamerica@soompi:

@1:20 MC introduces herself.

@2:05 MC and GHS meet at Namsan and GHS looks very pretty.

@2:38 GHS: It is an honor to meet the Japanese audience this way. I hope that you all enjoy
watching it.

@2:49 The MC asks the onlookers if they like BOF and they all answer yes.
She asks them what they liked about it.One says she liked everything,the bitter and
sweet love, the swing scene where Joonpyo and Jandi kiss was so charming...

They show the spots around Namsan where they filmed.

@3:37 MC sits where JP sat waiting for JD in the cold.

@3:43 GHS: That day all I remember is how cold it was. It was so cold that we had to share
portable heater during filming and try to overcome the difficulty of the cold
weather of
that winter.

@4:01 MC: Was the filming long that day?

GHS: Yes, we had to work throughout the whole night until the next morning.

@4:15 They meet up with LMH. GHS calls out LMH and MC calls him with ssi at the end of his
name out of respect.

GHS jokingly says to LMH: Were you pretending that you did not see us?

@4:43 MC: Has it been a long time since you each other?

GHS: We saw each other about three weeks ago.

MC: Three weeks ago, for reason did you see each other?

LMH: She is so multi-talented that she had a gallery opening that day so I went to support and to see her.

@5:43 MC asks where they sat for the filming of the cable cart scene and both show how they
sat trying not to touch each other.

GHS comments that, that day, LMH had a runny nose that "trickle, trickle down".
Then LMH says that GHS has a runny nose that flow, flow down".

They are just making fun of each other as they always have done even on the set in a joking way.
(They were describing how their nose ran--MH is saying if my nose trickled down, HS' nose flowed down.)

@5:45 MC: Was there any memorable event that day in the cable car?

LMH: I really fell asleep on her shoulder---

MC: Because you were so tired?

LMH says Yes.

@6:18 MC:Did you know about the original work of BOF before being casted?

LMH: It is such a famous original work that I knew about it.
But after I was casted, I saw
the original dramas already made.

MC: Once casted, how did you feel?

LMH: I felt so lucky for have been casted for such a wonderful role. It felt like I won a lottery.

(They visit the Teddy Bear Museum and look around. I think JP and JaeKyung went on a date there. GHS was saying these bears are good as gifts.)

@8:05 MC: In the BOF drama, both JP and JD had many scenes where they really could not
very honest about feelings for each other. If you are dating somebody, would
you be any different or same to the person that you are interested in?

GHS: I tend to be honest about those things and express my feelings.

MC: Even before the other person confess his feelings?

GHS: Yes, because I have no patience to wait. I have a personality that cannot wait.

LMH: For me, I think I would be more careful. If I like somebody, I will take a long time to just observe that person and see.

MC: Did you ever receive any special, romantic event or gift from a boyfriend before?

GHS: Yes, there was a time that I did receive such. However, I prefer to give than to get.

MC: like what?

GHS: I have not done this yet, but I would like to get a license to operate a plane and take my boyfriend on a plane ride.

LMH: The person riding beside you would be scared to death! (Laughter breaks out.)

Both LMH first and GHS say their good byes with asking the audience to watch and enjoy BOF and
to take care of their health in hot weather.


  1. wow... awesome! congratulations for a job well done and the kind of interview done. a one of a kind interview concept! MINSUN tandem is really good and amazing.

  2. aaaaahh!! they are sooo kilig! why can't they just come here in the Philippines?!! *sigh* seems like there really is something going on! i loove iit!