Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ooops... MinSun Did it Again! Fan Vids at Kim Joon's Musical (10/21/09)

Ooops... MinSun Did it Again!

Seems like a surprise appearance is now becoming MinSun’s trademark. An unexpected sighting will never fail to escalate MinSun shippers’ spirit and send each one in a spontaneous combustion-like jubilation. Officially announced events such as BOF promos/interviews always create anticipation for more MinSun moments but MinSun’s personal and unannounced engagements (with a common friends and allies) generate a higher degree of euphoria.

Hats off to MinSun for bearing with the crowd’s probing eyes and unstoppable efforts to capture the moment with cams and vids. MinSun deserves some quiet and relaxed time together away from the public scrutiny. (Hopefully, they have that after the event.)


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  1. Goo Hye Sun she look hiding to his hood. When she came in no one took a picture of her only Lee Min Ho bec he is tall man and GHS not much seen. She should where hat with dark glass at look famine. Even she cover with hood her color she wearing is red it can be notice that she hiding. Black should be not red. She walk to fast and not looking to the people when she came in are they go together at one car bec. it seem when they goin inside GHS go first then him.