Thursday, October 22, 2009

MinSun + Kim Bum at Kim Joon's Musical (10/21/09)

Min Ho is handing Hye Sun a it!

(finally a photo of MinSun sighting)

Info from new guest as post in my MinSun blog:

new guest: "Good News! HS,MH and Kim Bum watched Kim jun's musical performance tonight(few hours ago) together same as ss501 concert."

new guest: according to audience,they went out middle of perf. bcs of fans I think.

new guest: there is no photo yet. they said they are not allow to take a photo during the perf. it's not offial so we can't see it. but it's true.

newguest: kimch, it's finished 20-30 minutes ago.HS,MH and KB watched musical and they met with KJ after the show and went back.

newguest: kimch, i read it HS,MH and KJ gallery in korean site. it's not sure they finished the show or not.

newguest: "yes i'm from korea. that's why i could this info almost real time i also looking forward to MH 's interview abt his love or marriage."

newguest: nutty, they finished the musical and went back already.

newguest: nutty, bcs the show finished abt 1hour ago. the other audience saw that they(MH.HS.KB) left the theater.

newguest: tracy, No. but there is HS,MH,KJ,KB fan cafe(gallery) so we can get the news bcs today is the last day of KJun's show so many KJ's fan went there.

newguest: oh!!!! i just saw the pic seatting is same as ss501 concert. KB-MH-HS

credits: newguest for the infos + liediemkieu/ for the photo + as labeled

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  1. Lol...they look so bad i wasn't there....hehehe