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Radio Interview of Goo Hye Sun and Isao Sasaki at Yoo Hee Yul's Radio Heaven at 89.1MHz KBS 2FM (9/03/09)

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(Yoo Hee Yul’s Radio Heaven definitely seems like the kind of a music program that GHS would really love: kind of music he plays on air and his mellow, gently blunt and funny yet philosophical style,,,, I liked him too.)

She even admits to Yoo that she listens to him all the time and that she really likes him. She says she loves his sense of humor. Yoo requested that GHS’ statement be recorded special for his keepsake. (hahaha)

It is her first time meeting Yoo in person and finds him very handsome. It made Yoo turn red (according to GHS) and he also became distracted for a minute. He lost his speech for a second and told her that he also enjoys playing piano.(Maybe Yoo is offering that he would be willing to jam with her sometimes? It was funny! Also, GHS is true to her words as she said in TBS Kings’ Brunch Program. She cannot hold back if she likes somebody. She expressed in public radio program that she not only loves Yoo’s program and finds him very handsome but that she also likes him! Hahaha!)

He was embarrassed and thought that Isao Sasaki would think of him "crazy”. Everybody laughs. Then he says that he does not know what he is saying and he and GHS laugh. In the beginning of the program when he is introducing GHS and Isao Sasaki, he told GHS that he feels as if his eyes just turned bright and clear just by looking at her in person and expressed his admiration. (GHS and Yoo's flirtings with each other on air was adorable! Later, after GHS and Isao Sasaki have left already, one of his listeners send in a comment that today's program was quite different than before! hahaha)

She and Sasaki played combined with . GHS says that he and she are going to play that fusion music for the next CD together. (Wow, another CD already in preparation!)
GHS first approached Sasaki by sending him her music for review and GHS became Sasaki’s fan ever since she heard his as a child. Her first impression of Sasaki when she met in person was that he seemed like a very kind-hearted “AhJuhssi or Uncle”. That is how she calls Isao Sasaki and he understands it. They have met since about two months ago. (Remember she went to Japan in early July?)

Regarding his free concert, he could not clarify as he does not know the details. GHS gained confidence to publicize her music because she also found out that Sasaki never learned piano professionally, just like herself. They share that commonality~ they both love to play and work on their music on their own and to create music on their own. Sasaki also learned various musical instruments on his own like violin and flute.

His first impression of GHS was, like everybody else, that she is very cute. He did not know much about her as he does not watch TV that much. Then he found out more about GHS through internet and found her to be a very impressive woman. He also found her music very refreshing and that is why he wanted to work with her. Sasaki also played his own composition, “A Beautiful Meeting”~ WOW, so good! What an appropriate title also for their first appearance together in public!!

It was announced by Yoo’s listener in this program that GHS’s is the number 3 on a particular music site! *WOW* GHS also played her with a cellist named Jung Ji Eun. *WOW* Sounds really nice with the added cello sound.( I am even more looking forward to her movie now!!!) In response to a question about the cast for her movie, GHS states that she cannot yet reveal as she is begging someone to act in her movie right now. Yoo, without missing a beat, says that, right, in case that person rejects your offer, we do not want to think of her as a horrible person! (This is the point at which GHS told Yoo that is why she likes him!)

In response to some of the email questions, GHS stated that she has not yet received the comprehensive physical after BOF. After she explains why she needs physical exam, Yoo says that he will give her "ho ho" after the show. That expression of sound is usually given to little kids who have a "boo boo or bruise" and mothers usually blow on their cuts or bruises and say "ho ho". (hahah)

She really loves and has always wanted to do something with her love of writing, composing and drawing. She has gradually become very interested in directing and making movies as a result. She has been working on her crafts all her life and so far she has accumulated over 100 compositions and songs. Isao Sasaki also played a bit of his famous . WOW!

Towards the end of his program, Yoo also plays several Tango music!! (how appropriate as he and GHS talked about her book TANGO and all her other talents!)

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  1. Is Yoo Hee Yuls is same person Yoo Hee Yeouls and have TV show? He is an actor, comedian or what?
    Who is she begging actor to play to her movie, hope he is good actor and have good chemistry too.