Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lee Min Ho & Sandara "100 time kisses made the lips swollen"

Kiss of Bad Love' between BOF LMH and 2NE1's Sandara Park becomes a hot topic.

In the new advertisement steal cut of Cass beer released on the 6th, LMH and Sandara Park performed a fascinating kiss scene that they approached each other and kissed

In this new Cass CF, the sparking love of youngsters who refuse to be same as others was sensuously filmed and two leading characters radiate their fatal charms of 'bad guy' & 'bad girl'

In the CF, breaking the conventional image of pure and beautiful girl, Sandra Park transformed herself into a stylish and edge bartender matched with sexy smoky eyes, highly tied-up hair and bold and vivid colors.

Sandara Park who kisses to LMH with mysterious expression, shows her extraordinary charms as giving out atmosphere of 'femme fatale'.

Especially in the last Cass 2X CF, LMH exceptionally transformed himself with sexy smoky eyes & drumstick shaped hair style and charismatically acted the role of a bad guy who resolutely left the model 'Jesica Gomez', but this time he acts a charming guy who owns everything and dashes confidently to Sandara Park by a kiss and reveals his new self of 'homme fatal'.

According to the statement from an official person of Cass beer commercial, they had to film the kiss scene more than 100 times, as two kiss scenes were to appear in the new CF. There is a behind story that LMH and Sandara Park used to be exhausted with their swollen lips all through the filming due to the continued filming for the kiss scene.

credits: webby@soompi,,


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I hate it.That bum Sandra or Bandra what ever the hell is her name, she is just plan ugly even with tons of makeup .