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BOF Premium Event In Japan (09/05/09)

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'요코하마 꽃남 이벤트' 4000여 일본팬들을 감동시켰다황용희
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Reporter Hwang Yong Hee of Asia Economy News on Sept. 5, 2009

The event which is a collaboration of Interactive Media Mix and Group 8 Production Company was very well attended by about 4000 fans. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong with SS501, Kim Joon with T-Max, Im Joo Hwan (the actor that played Kim Bum's older brother) and Kim So Eun participated and entertained the audience amazingly well. The fans highly praised the event as well coordinated, well organized and well prepared. Both GHS and Kim Bum are suppose to attend the event on the 6th. Due to such high demand, the collaborators had to have 2 day fan premier event. This is the second fam meeting since April when the entire main BOF cast visited Japan. Glory Entertainment' President Hayama especially praised Kim Joon and T-Max. Harada Yoogichi of Tokyo 38 also highly praised the quality of this event.

Lee Min Ho sang "You are my Everything", Kim Joon with his group member of T-Max sang "paradise" and "say Yes", as well as few other T-Max songs. Kim Hyun Joong sang with SS501 and also sang his " Please be good to me" and two other solo songs. They all amazed and captivated the fans. They all took part in question and answer period and KHJ again impressed the fans with his fluent ability in Japanese. The article does not specify the statememts from the quesitons and answer period.

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