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'BOF Yokohama Event' moved 4,000 Japanese fans.

Posted on Asiaeconomy, Reporter Hwang Yong-hee, 2009-09-05
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'The Premier Event for BOF' held at Yokohama National University Hall in Japan on September 5 was a 'well-made event' where nice songs & performance and congenial communication between Korean entertainers and Japanese fans were harmonized wonderfully.

This event co-hosted by Japanese event group IMX(Interactive Media Mix, represented by Son Il-hyung) and the "BOF' producer Group Eight (represented by Song Byung-jun) was an 'Hallyu festival' that made the guests' strength appealing as much as possible under the subject that Shinhwa Group invited the 'BOF' cast such as LMH, KHJ, KJ, Lim Ju-hwan and Kim So-eun to 'throw a gust of fantastic party'.

The guests answered with self-confidence to the two Japanese MCs who dressed up as butlers of Shinhwa Group, and 4,000 Japanese fans that filled the event hall responded with applause to their broad-minded jokes and sincere conversation.

The opening of the event was made by Lim Ju-hwan and Kim So-eun. They are somewhat like the supporting actors for 'BOF' but their popularity in Japan was not that level at all. Lim Ju-hwan expressed his astonishment for so many Japanese fans and drew out the fans' favorable response to his request that 'many fans would support for the success of 'Tamra, The island' which will be broadcasted in Japan from October 26. Kim So-eun introduced that the drama she performed recently was the Japanese origin ''The Man Who Can't Get Married' and also stated that she would like to be ' a performer like an chameleon".

That day, the moment that the event was more supported was at the stage of 'F4' where KJ, KHJ, and LMH appeared. They made many fans wild by conducting a 'three-color event' with direct conversation with the fans, singing songs and making performance rather than conventional 'conversational event' that MC asks and the guests responds.

LMH supprised the fans by singing passionately the song 'My everything' that was inserted in the 'BOF' which is aired in Japan. Group T-Max member KJ appeared on the stage with two other members and showed their different features not as a performer but as a singer through singing passionately their own songs such as 'Paradise' and 'Say yes'. Especially the other two members other than KJ overwhelmed the stage with their excellent singing ability, and made it possible for Hallyu to be more various.
Aside from nice performance with SS501 members, KHJ sang passionately two solo songs such as 'Please help' and drew enthusiastic response from the fans. Especially, KHJ showed a paragon of 'evolving Hallyu' by making direct conversation in Japanese without interpreter for the interview with the Japanese MC.

In a word, it was 'an event with sympathy and mutual understanding' which promoted each guests' strength as much as possible and shared it with the fans.

The Japanese fans who watched this event put out their assessment that solicitous preparation of the organizer and active participation of the attended entertainers were quite impressive.

Harada Lyugichi(Tokyo, 38) said "I came over here with my friend to watch this event from Tokyo. We sang together, clapped our hands and listened carefully one by one to the quests. It seemed the preparation was really well done. It was quite different level of event from the one that previous Korean entertainers just made conversation and took some pictures. Impressive!".

Chairman of Glory Entertainment, Yamaha who has great interest in Korean entertainers was very pleased and said "It was quite impressive. Especially, the song of T-Max was nice and one of T-Max member, KJ led the event well in a composed attitude."

KHS and KB who did not join this event will participate in the event held in the afternoon of Sept 6. Originally this event was planned to be held only on September 6, but the tickets for 4,000 seats were all sold out and according to the request from the fans, an additional event for September 5 was set up. This 'BOF' event was the second one five months after its first event held in Japan last April.

At that day, the Japanese fans who filled the event hall left the event, leaving their comment that this was like a Hallyu event of 'total gift set' and hoped to have such events often in future.


English Translation from susamerica.som:

지금 막, 학교 축제가 끝났습니다 ~! !
Just now, the school festival had ended~!!

방금ボムhas 무사히 귀국했습니다.
Just now Kim Bum safely left for Korea.

4 시간이라는 짧은 시간 이었지만 참여해 주셔서 기뻤다군요!
He expressed that 4 hours was way too short but was very glad for all who participated!

그리고 오늘은 "꽃보다 남자 응원 단장"라는 코너가 있으며, 좌석 아래에 신화 학원의 카드가있는 사람이 단장으로 임명되었습니다.
Today we had BOF Cheer Leader Corner, and the person with the ShinHwa School Card became apppointed to the post.

또한 오늘은 이·민호 님이 특별히 자신의 캐릭터 인형의 수영장 레젠토이 일부러 미국에서 온 주신 분들에게 선물했습니다 했다. 와우 ~ "꽃 남자"는 먼 바다를 건너까지 인기가 네요.
Today, Lee MinHo gave away his character doll "swimming legend toy" (?) to the fans who came all the way from America. Wow, BOF is so famous even way over the seas.

그리고 뒷부분은 쿠·헤손 씨, 이·민호의 노래도 가중되어 있었고, 어제 에 이어 T - MAX와 SS501의 무대도있었습니다.
For the latter part, GHS and LMH sang. Following that, T-Max and SS501 also took stage.

참가하신 여러분, 정말 수고하셨습니다. 그리고 참석하지 못한 분들 이벤트 모양은 나중에 알려하므로 기대하세요 ♪
For all those who participated, thank you for working so hard. For those of you who could not participate, we will let you know later. Please wait!
울쿠도 노래 불렀나봐요...아...궁금크리....
Our Koo also sang. ah I want to know what happened....


English Translation by

2009-09-06 22:05
9 월 5 일 & 6 일과 2 일 동안 열린 드라마 "꽃보다 남자 - Boys Over Flower ~"프리미엄 이벤트가 끝났다.

9 월 5 일에 열린 "신화 그룹 주최 파티 편"그리고 6 일은 "신화 학원 학원 제 편"과 취향을 집중, 3 시간에 걸친 이벤트는 드라마의 주인공 쿠무·쟌디 역 (원작 : 마키노 츠쿠시)のク・ヘソンをはじめ、F4メンバーのイ・ミンホ、キム・ヒョンジュン、キム・ジュン、キム・ボムが登場。
김・ボム는 드라마 촬영 중 참가를 위해 단 4 시간 체재. 자정부터 드라마 촬영이있다라는 것으로, 본래 회장을 뒤로했다.

또 한 이벤트는 5 일은 "다해 chan wa Kimi이다! 퀴즈"6 일 "꽃 남 응원단 취임식"라는 제목 회장의 여러분과 교류를 갔다 외에 드라마를 북돋웠다 주제가를 불렀다 T - max와 SS501도 등장하고 화려한 이벤트였다.

이날 회장에는 5.000 여명의 팬들이 모여 드라마 "꽃보다 남자 - Boys Over Flowers"의 인기를 다시 한번 입증했다.

BOF's premium event took place on two days -- sept 5th and 6th and has reached a close. Sept 5th's event is titled "Shinwha group's sponsored party (?)" and the event on the 6th is "Shinwha School". During the 3 hour event, the main casts in the drama Goo Hyesun and F4 took part. Kim bum is currently filming a drama so he can only stop by for 4 hours.
(my note: may be that explains why he wasn't present in the last few pictures.)

The event on the 5th included a quiz and the one on the 6th.. (title of a part of the event which i don't understand, sorry), there was exchange/communication with the fans who attended the event, and Tmax and SS501 also made their appearance. That day there were ~ 5000 fans who gathered together, once again giving evidence to BOF's popularity.


그리고 구혜선씨.응, 차밍하다고는 확실히 그녀를 위한 말.
세상의 남성인가 아니어도 , 그녀에게 넋을 잃고라고 주시해 버리는 것은 어째서입니까.
그런 그녀의 천재적인 재능은 여배우 뿐만 아니라, 영화 감독, 작곡가등도 한다고 하고,
오늘은 팬 여러분을 위해 노래를 피로해 주었습니다.

Then there is Goo Hye Sun-ssi. Definitely Charming is a phrase only for her. All over the world, even if you are not a man, why is it that you feel you can lose your soul just looking ar her.She has genius-like talents not only as a beautiful actress, but as a movie director, composer and etc. Today, she sang for all her fans.

credits: susamerica/webby/ +as labeled,,

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