Friday, September 25, 2009

MinSun "Academy Nights" Interview in Japan

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Of course, I am only translating Korean that is spoken:

@1:52 (maybe question was the difficult parts about acting in BOF)

GHS: When my character was being picked on…
LMH: In contrast, my character often picked on and bothered others and they were stressful

@2:21 (perhaps, question is how similar/different from their BOF roles)

LMH: The personalities are basically different. But I like to relate like friends, so having small arguments back and forth does resemble me.
GHS: I am similar because she is energetic and eats is not a round kick..but when I was attending school.... (somehow they cut the rest of her sentence!)

@3:05 (both roam the store to pick out their favorite movies?)

GHS: Romantic comedies…with Julia Roberts. More than Brigette Jones..Ahh, Pretty Woman, but…
LMH: I enjoyed Carribbean …In Japan they call it Sword
(I do not know what movies he is picking so these names are probably wrong.)

GHS: Ahh....Slam Dunk. I like Slam Dunk. (I wonder if that is a basket ball movie??)
LMH: There are no Korean movies.

@3:47 Minho’s choices

LMH: When you have no energy, this is the movie to see. It will help you to get energized again so I would recommend it. Next one is Korean movie called Sweet Life. This is the kind of movie that I would love to challenge myself to play in the future. Next one is Close Zero. I enjoyed reading the comic book during high school and now it is out in a movie. I enjoyed reading Close Zero and SOS and now they are made into movies. My last choice is titled Sae kkee in Korean ? (I do not know what it means so I just sounded out the spelling.) It may have some stimulating parts, but it is a movie about a heartbreaking love story.
(He likes the manly movies and a sexy romantic movie.)

@5:59 GHS’s choices

GHS: I tend to like “Jung Juk In” movies (either movies tend to be quieter or more emotional—I would imagine she prefers movies that deal with emotions.) These movies that I have chosen are about human relationships. For example, Closer is about a real person’s story. Second one is Benjamin Button which tells a great story of a person from an unrealistic situation. The third one is Blue Warning (?) which is a lovely love story about human relationship.
(It seems like she enjoys movies that examines psychology of humans and human relationships more carefully.)

@7:34 (Question might be which Japanese actor/director would you like to work with?)

LMH: For me I saw many productions by Kimura Takao (sp??)
GHS: If I were to do a project, I would love to co-star with female actors such as Imao (? I think she is referring to the Japanese actress who played the lead on Hana Yori Dango??) and make stories about women.
(I really do hope she makes movies that really delve into stories of women, especially Asian women today, etc.)

@7:52 (perhaps the question is what do movies mean for you?)

LMH: Movies carry teachings, lessons about life…
GHS: For me also, movies can be meaningful in self-reflection.

(Now, I understand why the title of this show is called . Academy refers to the award for the best movies, right??)

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  1. Still no chemistry...Still lack of interaction..And as far as I remember this is the first time that they sat so far away from each other in a joint interview..They used to sit close to each other.. :(

  2. Why they sat far away from each other??

  3. don't know why....
    I think the're angry each other again...
    It is often happen...
    This is a good news!!!
    If they're just friend, why must angry???

  4. only they sit a far, do you see when they walk together it look not they don't know each other they don't look each other. then when LMH talking regarding the dvd he choose JHS don't look at him and no respond like laugh nothing. When JHS telling regarding the movie she choose LMH look at her and smell but JHS don't look continues talking and after they done JHS don't reaction like they not close each other. Just looking at them JHS look change to him. Last time LMH is the one. He gave hard time to her last time. I think LMH did something to her so bad.

  5. KHS she dont look at him when he is talking and her face no reaction anymore not like othe interview she always smelling and joking to him but not this one. She look straight not even once look at him. LMH one she talking regarding the movie he look at her choose. After that KHS face look mad even the end of the interview and he also feel uneasy bec. KHS don't look at him or talk to him when they filming this. What do you think after this interview KHS go first again and leave fast.

  6. Some one on Youtube post KHS after accident KHS is dead. They show pictures of her at the end put KHS name , born and date of she past Sept 6, 2009. What kind of person did this. I saw here that she has radio interview 2x, pictorial, and sept 22,2009 she went to movie. Why this person post like this. She or He don't like our KHS and do this to her. I can not believe.