Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Fan Clubs Donated 9.97 million KRW to UNICEF

DC Inside ‘Lee Min Ho Gallery’ fans have recently done a fund-raising for UNICEF malaria campaign. Fans donated the amount of 6.22 million KRW, which stands for a special meaning because Lee MinHo’s birthday falls on 22nd June. Also another fancafe Dave donated 3.75 million KRW which made up to the 9.97 million KRW amount.

It was known that Lee Min Ho has recently taken part in UNICEF malaria campaign, and the fan raising for the campaign has started from beginning of September. The campaign wants to bring awareness to the mass public that every year over 500 million folks are infected with the disease. Lee Min Ho has agreed to help out with the campaign amidst his busy schedule. He did videos and poster filming for the campaign. A UNICEF staff voiced that nowadays fans are following and support their stars in the many causes they serve, and not just doing projects for the benefits of the stars themselves.

credits: Kbites
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