Friday, September 11, 2009

KBS CoolFm Goo Hye Sun Playing the Piano



  1. She looks so cute and she is brillent.Lee Min Hoo is very lucky man to have her.

  2. bout the shirt,i think hye sun and minho already settled their misunderstanding on japan,as i remember they flew back in korea on 8,so they extended 1 day more,thats why hye sun show to minho her assurance through wearing this shirt or couple shirt i guess!!!!!!!!its really her favorite!!!!

  3. Are they same flight why don't have pictures when they came back to air port and where is Kim Joon with them too. If that so is not mean they talk on plane. Will see if their anything promotion again and they close each other again then it mean it ok now but if no promotion how they will see each other. Right now GHS is busy to her music and she will concert with Mr. Isasac. And also she busy to her coming directorial movies.