Monday, August 17, 2009

Story of Four Flowers (SOFF) Photobook Sales

Posted on Starnews, Reporter Kim Kyewool, 2009-08-15
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The photobook of 'BOF' F4 released in Japan is also expected to make a hit in the domestic market.

The photobook 'SOFF’(Story of Four Flowers) released in Japan for the heroes 'F4' in the drama 'BOF', what created syndrome, went up the top sales for the first day of the imported and sale by subscription from Korea.

Glory Entertainment in Japan, produced 'SOFF', announced 'SOFF' raised the top of the imported books sales on 13th, started sale by subscription through online by the Korean exclusive regular importer 'GyoboMoongo (the largest bookstore in Korea)'.

In Japan, 'BOF' was started through terrestrial broadcasting of TBS on July, 31st and sale by subscription through the entertainment portal site 'Kenterkey', specialized in Korean Wave. It is gaining the hottest reaction.

The photobook 'SOFF', what is participated by 4 men of 'BOF' and the only photobook except the drama still book, is containing F4's charming daily life with beatiful Korean nature.

Now the book is under sale by subscription in both Japan and Korea and it will be delivered from September 5th. 'F4 Special picture DVD' will be offered together and it can be watched F4 members. the special poster will be contained to only advance subscriber by a previlege.


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