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Goo Hye Sun @ Todays News (08/17/09)

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"제 인생 건 짝사랑을 시작했어요"

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"I bet My Life and Started a One-Sided Love Affair"

by Song Hae Jin Reporter on August 17, 2009

Novel, art, composition, concert, full-length movie...GHS...Why are you so impatient to stand out?

"Making a movie is my love and my dream. It was all possible due to the success of BOF and Geum Jandi. I am not saying I am quitting acting."

On the one hand GHS is receiving much praise for her multi-talents. On the other hand, she is also recieving lots of criticisms for using her fame to show off her hobbies in big productions. Now, GHS is about to publish her musical compositions. Her original work has been arranged by the Japan's New Age pianist Isao Sasaki.

On September 5th, she and Isao Sasaki will have a concert titled, "Over the Rainbow." She never learned to draw or compose professionally. Her explanation is that, since high school, she has loved creating and has been compiling her work. Just how far is she trying to take these?
On the 13th of August, I met with GHS in Seoul Chun Nam Dong.

"전 욕심이 많은 사람도, 뜨고 싶어 안달 난 아이도 아니에요. 영화 한 편 만드는 게 꿈일 뿐이죠."
Smiling calmly, GHS says: "I am not greedy and I am not impatient to stand out. I just have a dream to make one movie."

"전 현실주의자예요. 백일몽만 좇는 소녀라고 생각하시는 분이 많은데, 정반대인 걸요."
"I am a realist. Many people may characterize me as a dream chaser. I am total opposite."

Her big and round eyes show strength. Currently, she is preparing for her second directorial work and this time for a full-length movie. The tentative title of her movie is . Her movie can be classified as 'mysterious musical movie' where piano music, drawings and lighting play as much significant parts as the actors/characters themselves.

" 영화를 기획해 놓고 보니 그림이 필요했어요. 그래서 예전부터 차근차근 그린 그림을 모아 전시회를 했고요, 영화음악이 비중이 커서 OST(영화용 음악)를 만들어야 했어요. 그래서 고등학교 때부터 작곡한 노래를 다듬어 음반작업을 했죠. 시나리오를 쓰다 보니 그게 발전해 소설 '탱고'가 된 거고요."
"When I planned to do a move, I realized that I needed drawings. So,I gathered all my drawings from long time ago and had an exhibition. Due to the relative importance of the music for the movie, I made the movie OST by gathering and reworking my compositions from high school days. As I wrote the screenplay, it developed into a novel."

그럼 영화가 나오기도 전에 굳이 이걸 발표하고 전시한 이유는 뭘까.
If so, is there a good reason for putting on all these exhibitions and concerts even before the actual movie is premiered?

" 하하, 제가 만드는 영화에 덜컥 돈을 내줄 사람이 얼마나 있겠어요. 투자자들을 설득시키는 작업이 필요했어요. 그래서 그림도 보여주고 소설도 내고 음반도 내는 거예요. 이런 과정을 거치면 '구혜선이 쓸데 없는 짓 하는 건 아닐지도 몰라'라고 생각할 수도 있잖아요?"
"HaHa, Realistically, just how many people do you think will just give me money to make a movie? I needed official projects and presentations to convince the potential investors. That is why I showed them my art work, my novel, and my musical arrangements. I must pass the proper stages in order for the people and potential investors to take me seriously--then they will no longer think me wasting my time doing these activities."

(She really is a smart, savvy, and hard working business woman!)

그녀는 " 사실 이렇게 뭔가를 계속 발표하는 활동 자체가 사람들에게 오해를 불러일으킬 수 있다는 걸 잘 안다"고 말했다. "'쟨 뭐야…. 왜 가만히 못 있는 거야'라고 생각할 수도 있겠죠. 하지만 초보인 제가 장편영화에 도전하기 위해선 이런 과정을 거쳐야 한다고 생각해요. 제가 생각해낸 가장 현실적이고도 확실한 투자 유치법인 거죠."
"I know that some part of the public is criticizing me and misunderstanding me as I do these various activities, shows and exhibits. However, as a green novice desiring to make a full-length movie, my only most realistic and sure method to attract the investors for my movie was to promote all my work in the most visible ways possible."

When GHS won the Audience Award at the BusanFF in last May for her short film, she felt very encouraged and strengthened. Even though she may have wanted to show off her enthusiasm and proud feelings, she felt the importance of remaining very humble and thankful.

" 관객은 바보가 아니잖아요. 내가 애써 설명하지 않아도, 쓸데없이 마구 영화에 우겨 넣지 않아도 관객은 알더라고요. 혼자 욕심 내고 하고 싶은 것 다 집어넣는 게 영화가 아니라는 걸 상영회가 끝나고 알았죠. 물잔에 물을 반만 채우느냐 꽉 채우느냐 가지고 스태프들과 입씨름하는 건 어리석은 행동이라는 것도요.(웃음)"
"The audience is not stupid. Even if I don't explain fully and even if I don't put in all the details into the movie, people seem to get it already. I realized after the movie screenings that a movie is not a movie just because you include everything that you desire into it. I also realized the childishness of arguing with the staff over whether to fill the glass full or only half full. (laughter)"

이 사오 사사키와의 작업도 난해한 곡을 좀 더 쉽게 정리하는 작업이었다. "제가 일본어를 못해서 무척 걱정했는데, 단 둘이만 남아 음을 고칠 때도 의사 소통이 되는 것 있죠. 콩나물 음표 몇 개 서로 그려 보이면서 "오케이?"라고 물어보면 해결이 되더라고요. 하하."
"Isao Sasaki helped arrange my very abstract and difficult to understand pieces into more simple and easier arrangements. Since my ability to speak Japanese is very poor, I was very worried whether we can communicate easily. But through muscial notes and symbols, we had no problem understanding each other. haha"

구 혜선에게 그렇다면 연기는 어떤 의미일까. '종합예술인'으로 가기 위한 발판에 불과한 걸까. 그녀는 "45도 각도로 사진이나 찍어 올리던 인터넷 '얼짱' 출신인 제가 이렇게 활동할 수 있었던 건 다 연기 덕인데, 얼토당토 않은 생각"이라고 말했다.
So, then, what meaning does acting have for her now? Is acting now an obstacle on her road to becoming a general artist?
"I started out as just an ulzzang who used to upload her 45degree angle pictures. Acting led me to what I am able to do today. It would be absurd to say that acting is a hindrance for me."

"' 꽃보다 남자' 금잔디가 아니었으면 제가 이렇게 영화를 또 찍을 수 있었겠어요? 연기를 제쳐두고 앞으로 영화만 찍겠다고 한다면 그것만큼 오만한 행동도 없을 거예요. 제가 만든 온전한 이야기 하나에 목숨 한번 걸어보려고 하는, 그렇게 제 인생을 건 짝사랑을 시작하는 것뿐이에요."
"If it was not for the Geum Jandi of BOF, do you think I could make a movie like this? If I were to say that I am getting rid of acting and just directing movies from now on, you would not have heard anything so arrogant in your life, I have merely put up my entire life on a whole story that I created. Basically you can say I have decided to start an unrequited love affair."

(never knowing if the love will be returned when the movie comes out) by betting my life on it. (WOW, kudos to GHS for taking a giant risk and moving forward so wisely with her dream. A true Realistic Dreamer! I hopw you got many great investors for your movie!!!!!)

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