Friday, August 07, 2009

Recap: MinSun’s First Day of the Month (June - Aug 2009)

MinSun sightings for three (3) consecutive months from June to August coincided with the first day of each month.

(with a bonus for the month of July when they were spotted for the 2nd time at Namsan on the 28th)

June 1, 2009:

1st Day of Taiwan BOF Promo featured only the MinSun couple which was officially announced, hence, expected by the fans. The trip was definitely work-related but who can forget the photos showing the proof of MinSun chemistry in the succeeding days of the promo.

[This was also when the black bracelet worn by KHS at the airport was first compared to the one used by LMH in his Pepsi Nex pictorial.]

July 1, 2009:

1st Day of KHS's Tango Art Exhibit was highlighted by LMH and KJ's presence in support for KHS's worthwhile project and to leaisurely view her wide collection of art pieces. LMH's personal visit to KHS came as a big surprise to MinSun fans expecially that he was in a busy schedule days prior to the event. Moreover, even though KHS didn't make it to his Minoz Happy Day (or was it planned), he took time to show his support to artist Goo (as he calls her). MinSun's body language was again captured in several photos.

[KHS's black bracelet re-surfaced for the second time after exactly one month.]

August 1, 2009:

1st Performance of SS501's Persona Asian Concert Tour started as explosive (before the superhot KJH numbers) with the threesome attendance of KHS, LMH and KB who came to the event not as celebrities but just like regular fans who want to have a great time together. However, the trio momentarily stole the spotlight especially with the MinSun couple seated beside each other. Fans can't help but wonder once more about the real score between these two. Speculations were also triggered with the brief video sneak peak of MinSun and their group after the concert. So whether they left together or not is still left hanging in the air. The MinSun concert photos can only suffice for their fans' satisfaction of seeing them together for now but made them (us) craving for more...

So will there be another MinSun sighting in the succeeding 1st day of the coming months?

Well, that remains to be seen....but hoping, hoping & hoping still ;)

credits: soompi, loveminho, baidu + as labelled, blogger(summary)


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