Thursday, July 02, 2009

Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho Reunited

Lee Min Ho attended Koo Hye Sun's own exhibition at Lamer Gallery located in Insadong, Jongno-gu, Seoul at 5:30 p.m. on July 1st.

LMH, who looked around KHS's paintings with other member of F4 Kim Joon who arrived early, expressed his feelings "I am amazed KHS's another appearance." with bright smile.

Meanwhile KHS, who displayed her high painting ability through her own novel 'Tanggo‘ and an illustration for the singer Spider's 4th album, and this exhibition has been held with original cuts in her novel 'Tanggo‘ and some paintings painted during break time.

KHS and LMH, who attended the exhibition, are talking with a bright smile.
Though the drama BOF has ended, the cast's friendship is still unchanged.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Jun of F4 in BOF visited the Lamer Gallery in Insadong, Seoul on July 1st and congratulated Ku Hye Sun who has held the exhibition.

LMH and KJ delicately looked around KHS's paintings exhibited in the gallery "The paintings are difficult to understand^^.", laughed and gave a short impression.

Three had a great time and talked to each other after a long time since Japanese promotion this past April.

Including LMH & KJ, Im Ye Jin who acted as KHS's mom in BOF also attended there and it drew the attention.

It was pity that Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bum have not attended because of their schedule for Chinese promotion and shootings and so on.

About 50 art works will be exhibited from today to July 7th under the title 'Tango'. 'Tango' is the same as the title of her novel published this past April.

KHS will get a plan to donate the earnings through selling MD products for the public campaign 'WITH' by YG Entertainment.

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  1. such a very talented girl. love her!

  2. She is totally fascinating, lovable,warm-hearted girl....i just can't think of other words to discribe her....i undyingly like her because of personality not just because she's talented and art...pretty but because of her beutiful heart...

  3. Go Koo Hye are so very amazing person and also very alented. i admire you so much. you had a kind heart and helping hands to you and more power to you...

  4. Koo Hye Sun is so adorable!!! I wish Min Ho would date her because they look good together! I love you Hye Sun!!!

  5. ur so pretty and beautiful koo hye sun.......
    i hope i can see u in personal

  6. i have u can have another project together w/ lee min ho......

  7. Hope KHS n LMH still together