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Lee MinHo is Devoting Himself to Learning Foreign Languages

Posted on SportsKHAN, Reporter Ha Kung-hyun, 2009-08-06
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Actor LMH was devoting himself to learning foreign languages on his break.

LMH, who leaped into an icon of the new generation through 'BOF', is devoting himself to learning foreign languages. Since a while ago, he has been taking a lesson in regular basis from a private tutor.

The languages LMH is interested in are Japanese and English. Among them, it's known that he felt keenly the necessity of knowing Japanese through the Japan BOF promotion which was recently held.

The representative of his agency explained this by saying "LMH has been feeling sorry for the difficulty that he should talk through the interpreter whenever he'd like to give his gratitude to Japanese fans."

Now, LMH's Japanese is improving so fast and reaches a level to greet in Japanese easily.

LMH studies English very hard, too. It's because of his theory that language ability to some degree is necessary to become a good actor. Now, LMH is spending days not less busy than his filming period of the drama(BOF), while taking regular exercise and filming for the commercials as well as studying foreign languages. He is looking for his next project at the moment.

Meanwhile, the drama 'BOF' that LMH starred in has just started to be broadcated around the world since it was aired on GTV in Taiwan last May. TBS in Japan also joined these ranks on July 31st.

It's known that the response to BOF in Taiwan was rated at a high ranking equivalent to the second place in the cable program ratings.

A staff from the Group Eight, the production company of BOF, said "It's too early to judge the response since it's still the beginning stage of broadcast in Japan." and added "We are expecting good response once the melodramatic situation fully starts."

credit: loveminho, baidu + as labeled

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