Thursday, August 27, 2009

Actor Lee Min Ho and 2NE1's Sandara Park Selected for OB Beer's CASS Models

It has been revealed that for OB Beer's representative brand 'Cass''s new advertisement models, the most unique and edgy group 2NE1's Sandara Park and the trendy actor from Cass's 2X Campaign, Lee Minho have been chosen.

They stated "For this advertisement, Sandara Park, who was known previously for debuting as Philippine's Boa, breaks away from the pure and innocent, typical long haired smiley girl. The sexy smokey-eyed kid, with her high standing fountain ponytail, tattered and ripped skinny jeans, bold and vivid colours, has a style matches well with the youthfulness that Cass is focused on. It seems that people will say that she is the star most appropriate for this job."

For this advertisement, it is planned to be played with Cass's unique music and dizzily and tingly depict the sparking love of these youngsters who refuse to be the same as others and never cease to challenge things.
With Cass's unique music, the nation's best stars Lee Minho and Sandara Park's participation, and a nearly perfect video, there is anticipation over what kind of strong blast will arise from the the two model's unique love in the Cass advertisement.

OB Beer's Marketing team Hwang Injung states "Guiding the new trends in the young generations, we have chosen the very popular Lee Minho and Sandara Park as the advertisement models and believe they will match well with Cass's unique image." "Launching this new campaign, while speaking on behalf of the young generation's needs, we will be able to guide a new trend in the quality of alcohol."

credits: heliane_, 송윤세 +


According to a message posted by the other fan about 10 p.m, MH was filming in a street in Kangnam, Seoul. This time his partner's Sandara Park, a member of a girl group, 2NE 1. The photo they both were in a red sporty car was taken by some fan.

Wow ~ I read or heard before that MH likes 2NE1's song, I Don't Care, very much. It's unbelievable that he listened to the song for more than 75 times. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember when or where I read it.^^



  1. why do you call Sandara the Philippines' Boa? Boa was a good singer! She was famous here in the Philippines but not because she was good in acting, dancing or singing. She won the Star Circle Quest not because of talent..but because she was such a cry baby and everyone felt sorry for her. Every elimination, she would cry. When she became an actress, she was just plain weird that everyone was amused!

    She left the Philippines for Korea to study singing I think but when she came back everyone have forgotten her. All her fans have a new favorite which is Kim Chu, a winner n Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. That's why she went back to Korea and tried her luck there. I think it is unfair to call her the Philippine God, maybe Sarah Geronimo but not her.

  2. ooh. hater? lol. :))
    all i can say to yvonne is don't hate dara.
    she was younger then.
    now, she surely have changed into someone better and stronger over the past years.

    anyway, go dara and minho! love you both! <3

  3. i dont hate her..I love their song Fire and I was happy to learn they are doing well...its just..its unfair to compare her to Boa who is a far better artist than her...maybe someday..but not now.....hehehe

  4. Sandara go back to Korea because she think she is better there. People did not forget her for kim chiu. Dara is more better than kim chiu. Kim chiu is just popular in philippines and i dont like her personality. She is trying hard to act and over pa cute pa. Its not natural to look at. I remember watching Vilma: A Woman For All Seasons(Documentary Special). Kim is trying so hard to act like vilma.

    I agree that sandara should not be called as Philippine Boa because she should have her own identity and she should not copy others just to be famous. She should take her own route.

  5. Sandara did not won the star circle quest. she is the first runner up. She won the texter vote not because people felt sorry for her but because people like her because of her being korean. People love her also because of being true to herself. She is so natural and humble.