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One more afternote & Cass makes "No.1 favored beer brand'

One more afternote from one fan who got MH's autograph in the Cass CF location.
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I found MH who talked to the staff!!!! I couldn't help staring dumbfounded...

"Oh my~" "How come!!"" I asked MH with a pen and a notebook
( This time I brought my best courage^^)

"Could you please sign for me?"

MH gave me his autograph delightfully.

Frankly, I though that I might be rejected....but.... I almost burst into tears with happiness.^^

MH said that he had to go for the filming ASAP~ He asked me about my name so I told him.
Thankfully, he not only signed his name but also wrote p.s. "Always be happy~" under my name in spite of his busy schedule.

Though he didn't start filming right away, the time was quite urgent!! He sincerely gave me an autograph at the busy time.
Don't you think he is an angel?

Anyway, I could feel how pressing the moment was from his handwriting...^^

Posted on Asiatoday, Reporter Yoon Kyungsook, 2009-08-20
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Cass makes solid base for "number one national favored beer brand"

On August 20th, OB Beer conducted a monthly survey for the beer brand preference across the country through market survey expert "Synovate", and the result was the share for Cass was 36.1% in May and renewed its highest share to 38.0% in July.

Especially, Cass is overwhelming the competitor Hite in the brand preference. Based on the result of last April, it showed the gap between 34.9% for Cass and 34.3% for Hite, and in July which is hot season for beer sales, it went up to 39.0% for Cass and 31.3% for Hite, respectively, so that the gap was as much as 6.7%.

After the young emotion beer "Cass 2X" was introduced, the preference was increased a lot, and the publicity of 'Cass 2X' where F4 'LMH' and Australian popular model 'Jessica Gomes' appeared, received much attention as a new trial for total entertainment format using music video, and caught the eyes of young generation.

How cute of him!!!

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