Thursday, August 27, 2009

JunDi: Catch and Carry

After watching a multiple Korean dramas in the past, it is a general observation that a story wouldn’t be completely romantic (aside from the Kissing Scenes, of course) without the male protagonist carrying his love interest in a rescue scene or merely as an expression of affection.

Here is my summary of the “Carry Jandi” scenes from JunDi moments in Boys Over Flowers: (Too bad, I’m still missing a couple of photos which captured the last 2 moments.)

1. Scoop-Lift 1:

JP rescued JD from the wrath of the Shinwa students due to a fabricated scandal about JD.

2. Shoulder-Lift:

JP playfully carried JD on his shoulders having enough of her funny antics while learning how to play golf. (I totally love this one!)

3. Piggy-Back Ride 1 & Scoop-Lift 2:

JP was compelled by JD to join the “carry your gf/bf” contest with the goal of winning a couple phone. As seen in JP’s expression, he had a hard time carrying JD . On the other, JD obviosuly enjoyed it.

4. Piggy-Back Ride 2:

JP rescued JD from freezing to death while searching for the missing “moon-star” necklace.

5. Scoop-Lift 3:

JP saved JD from drowning after retrieving the “moon-star” necklace from the bottom of the pool at JK’s resort.

6. Scoop-Lift 4:

JP carried his “personal maid” JD to her room after falling asleep in his closet while hiding from JK.

I am absolutely amused with GHS’s account in their previous interview on how LMH had a hard time carrying her and committing a lot of NGs in the aforecited scenes. It is interesting to read MinSun’s comical exchange of teasing about these NGs. They certainly feel comfortable in each other’s company and have no hesitation about making fun of each other. LMH wittingly defends himself about why he can’t carry her properly.

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credits: photo uploaders in soompi & baidu + as labeled, blogger (summary)

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