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KBS2 Interview with Goo Hye Sun on her film "Cheerful Caretaker"

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@0.52 Before she met Jung Seung Hae of Morning Production Co. She took her script to many movie production companies that rejected her script. Then she met Jung who encouraged her to make the short movie herself.

@1:00 is the small pix of Jung Seung Hae on the bottom left.

@2:16 reporter asks: What inspired you to write such heavy and sensitive material?
GHS: She has at times thought a lot about life and death. (here, reporter showed his surprise but did not ask any more.). She also wanted discussion around the issues with the viewers.

@2:38 Before she finalized her script, she dreamt the content of her short movie the night before. She somehow remembered the dream and reiterated the dream to her friend who told her to write down her dream as a script. She says that her dream was like a fantasy-like dream. One moment she was in one place and the nxt in another environment.

@3:27 Were there any difficult episodes while filming the short-film?
GHS: She was the youngest member of the production and staff team. So in the beginning she had some difficulty asserting her role as a director to direct and lead the older staff.. As time progressed, she became more comfortable with her role. She would use after work dinner over alcohol to help some of the staff release any animosity or tension between them.

Of course, she was asked about her drinking again. She told him she does not have a limit and that she has never experienced any problems or black outs due to drinking.

@4:26 What was the most difficult scene that she had to film?
GHS: There is a scene where the NUN was digging the ground. It was raining that night and so it was difficult to get good shots and monitor the moving camera and the moving hands at the same time and it took longer to complete.

@5:15 After reviewing her career briefly and calling her pretty, he states that her short film is getting lots of great reviews. Plus her other accomplishments are mentioned.

@5:29 What title before your name would you most want to have?
GHS said she really did not know. She is very thankful for all the titles already given and she cannot decide which one she really wants to be called. She also states that everything that she loves doing can fit under one category. What she loves doing—writing, composing, drawing, acting and directing all these works involve the use of lots of emotions, sense and sensibilities. She says that movies always highly influenced her and that is why she wanted to also be a kind of person who can influence and affect other people. That is why she wants to make movies. She also makes movies because she enjoys it. It might be a simplistic answer and those who are extremely serious about directing may take offense and she hopes they do not. People watch movies to enjoy themselves and she enjoys making movies. She wants other people to watch her movie. (laughs)

@6:50 What male movie actor would she love to cast for her next project?
GHS: It is very difficult to say and she cannot say as she is currently casting for her next movie.

@7:00 Her next movie is about a solving mystery about a death by following the music.

@7:04 If you can choose just one activity in 20 years, what would it be?
I would like to be a mom, momGooHyeSun. (she would be a great mom!)

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