Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kim Bum & Jung Il Woo’s Birthday Date

Looks like Kim So Eun still hasn't been able to steal the special place in Kim Bum's heart because he spent his birthday with his best friend Jung Il Woo alone. During an interview, Jung Il Woo revealed that he had always been best friends with Boys Over Flowers star Lee Min Ho because he was a neighborhood friend while he became best friends with Kim Bum during the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick. As a result, all three boys became somewhat of a "Three Musketeers".
After revealing that he and Kim Bum had somewhat of a birthday date, he went on to say "But there was no big event or things like that. Since there wasn't exactly anyone else to go out and meet, we just spent his birthday playing games together."
Guess Min Ho was busy or else you guys could have had a threesome the "Three Musketeers" unite.
credit : jeen@allkpop

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