Thursday, April 02, 2009

SS501 Kyu Joong's Shocking Revealation

SS501 Kim Kyu Joong revealed a shocking incident about how he used Eczema cream accidentally as toothpaste.

On KBS 2TV "Happy Together season3", Kim Kyu Joong revealed that leader Kim Hyun Joong "wore loose and large school uniform during his school days, showing his confidence, but always set too high expectations for himself and ended up never achieving it."

Kim Kyu Joong also said, " That time hyun joong and I did not understand much japanese, and because hyun joong mistakenly thought that Eczema cream was toothpaste, we ended up using Ecezema cream as toothpaste for one week."

Regarding this incident, Kim Hyun joong replied, " This kind of things happened quite often at that time. I even thought toothpaste was facial washing cream and used it to wash my face."

Credits : SS601 & NEWSEN + redcat111(chinese translation) +
(english translation)


  1. i cant stop laughing when i saw tht @ happy together.. it's just too funny! yet HJ's expression is quite serious abt it XD, the funniest part is the body hair part.. gosh! laugh like mad.. XD - gene

  2. ahhahahah.. nice one..
    I didnt watch yet the happy together..

  3. Haha, wow. I'm glad that eczema cream isn't harmful when ingested.

    Hyunjoong is such a dork. XD