Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong on Goobye Yoon Ji Hoo


  1. english sub please?

  2. huwow.. kim hyun joong is great actor, dancer and singer ,, Wweeeeeeeeee i loved it when they sang the song in the BOF..
    weee he is so handsome when he danced with the shades on.. and he was totally cool,
    I fell for him.
    I wished koo hye sun was der to be with him and it will be a major craze for the fans outder.
    And i wish someone sub when kim bun and kim hyun joong says there thanks to the participating fans.
    thanks again hannah.

  3. may i know what's the first song he sang?

  4. do you know when the next concert for SS501 is? I am moving to SK (hopefully Seoul) in July and really want to see them in concert! :)