Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Caledonia Ending Scene

It was already known that the ending scene of the two(Jandi and Junpyo) was shot in New Caledonia in December. Could it be that the ending was reshot because the picture was leaked on the internet? The answer is no.

In the finale scene that was shot in New Caledonia, Junypo and Jandi were supposed to be looking for a ring in the water. They planned end the series with a scene where they look for the ring that he was supposed to propose to Jandi with.

The reason why this scene was cut is unique: it was because of the ring itself. The cast and crew thought they had done well with the scene where Jandi and Junpyo dig through the soil underwater looking for the ring, but they had made a mistake. They were supposed to be looking for a lost ring, but that ring was on Lee Min Ho's finger while he was looking for it.

The team only realized their mistake after they came back to korea, and eventually decided to redo the scene. Though the new scene still had a proposal and happy ending, it lost that beautiful New Caledonia scenery.

Source : Hankooki
Translation by : dunlop09 @


  1. I was thinking about this scene last night, because I was expecting to watch it on the last chapter... now we know the reason. Thank you a lot!! I love your blog!

  2. Thanks for the Info..