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Goo Hye Sun: Addicting Actress and Director - She talks of l♥ve.

Written by Reporter Kim Soo Jin of Money Today Star News - June 18, 2008

She is as remarkable as her gorgeous appearance. It is the radiant Goo Hye Sun (24 years old). On June16th, I met her at the Seoul Kangnamgoo Nohyundong. She was working intensely on the latter half of her project in the editing room.

Although an actress, Goo Hye Sun is planning to debut as a director with her short film tentatively titled, The Gaze. director Park Man Young).

She is and has been so busy that it is regrettable that she is just one person. This past March (2008), she drew a ball pen illustration for Gummy’s 4th album jacket for which she made big news. The inside-out beautiful Goo Hye Sun talks straight about being an actor, director and about love

At the beginning of 2008, she finished her role as the malicious yet tremendously charismatic, former Queen Yoon in SBS’ historical drama, "The King and I". Her role won her recognition for her acting ability. Acting for 6 months in "The King and I" was stressful and over the top for her. She claims to have experienced some loss of hair due to the constant pulling by the heavy head-dress and yet she still chose to do another historical drama, Strongest Chilwoo. On top of that, her character is not even highlighted until the episode 7. However, her decision to take the role for "Strongest Chilwoo" is very clear. It is her unquestioning belief in the PD Park Man Young.

PD Park is the first director ever to plant a deep confidence in myself:
Not only did he help her find trust in herself but she also developed a faithful trust in PD Park. After her acting in MBC’s Non-stop 5, SBS’ Suh Dong Yo, KBS ITV’s daily drama Pure Heart of 19, SBS’ King and I, Goo Hye Sun is walking the royal road as an actress. Goo Hye Sun says that most of her own character traits have come forward through these few projects. "I am truly a lucky kid. To be cast in the lead roles when I am not even a verified actress, I feel very lucky, especially for the Pure Heart of 19. Also, all the performances have received great reviews that I am very happy." (haha)

As she walks the road of acting, she claims that she still has a long way to go. I cannot go as high as the viewers’ expectations. I just have to go at my own speed. For instance, if I am too attached to materialism or to the viewers’ high expectations, my life will no longer be my own. I feel it is more important to not lose sight of my own convictions and to proceed at my own pace. (The way GHS thinks is the reason that late Rep.Jung Seung Hae considered her to have the wisdom of a 100 year-old in the body of a young woman.)

5 years ago (2003), when she went toYG Entertainment, GHS had a dream of becoming a singer. She, nor her family or her friends, ever considered acting as a possibility for Goo Hye Sun; she has always been intensely working on her art and her music. When YG’s Yang Hyun Suk proposed her to go into acting, she never expected it. When he suggested, without hesitation, that I go into acting, I thought he was telling me to leave the agency. (haha). Last year (2007), Goo Hye Sun re-contracted with YG. "If both of us are too attached to making money, YG and I would not have such a long relationship. My relationship with President Yang is not about a talent agency’s representative and an actress. We basically coexist inside an agency~ it is a live-and-let-live kind of a relationship."

President Yang’s strong support gave Goo Hye Sun much help that she needed to make a debut as a director. The reason is that President Yang rarely ever says NO. Goo Hye Sun majored in directing at the Seoul Art College. Her short film is about the psychology of human mind around the issues of mercy killing and the metaphysical philosophy about God. People’s thoughts about God become more complicated and difficult as they delve into it deeper. Yet Goo Hye Sun wanted to tell the story in an interesting and easier way. When she talked about movies, Goo Hye Sun’s eyes sparked more brightly.

Some say Goo Hye Sun is 4-D: she walks alone, she eats alone and she watches movies alone. She even travels alone. If I am not similar to another person, that person may call me 4-D. However, just because I am different from the other person, does not make me a 4-D. Each person has different personality and different thoughts. Because I enjoy being alone, perhaps, people started to look at me as 4-D. "When I am alone, I can be as free as I want to be. Being alone in my own space and time, I am truly happy and free."

Recently, Goo Hye Sun is giving herself even more freedom: she chose to ride a bike over taking the automobile; she walks around for 1~2 hours at a time; she gave up high heels for comfortable sneakers. She says this means that she does not have a boyfriend.

"At this time, I am very happy. I now understand when people say that they feel happy when working. When I was in love, I thought everything was about LOVE. It was my first love. During my work at King and I, mind and body must have been stressed. If my ideal mate is someone with good manners and who is personable, I now wish to meet someone who can be my friend forever with respect for each other. Love has no loyalty or duty. In the past, if people would ask me if I have a boyfriend, I have lied twice because I was too young. (haha). Even if I want to date, I really have no one to date."

She may appear gentle and thin on the outside but she is strong and sturdy on the inside. Goo Hye Sun is not a person to judge just by her pretty face and small height.

credits translations: susamerica
Source: minjee@soompi

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