Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kim So Eun to star in a new drama, A Good Day for the Wind to Blow

If you guys remember how cute Kim So Eun was as Ga Eul from Boys Over Flowers, you should get excited for this.

This actress is set to star in a new daily drama A Good Day for the Wind to Blow. I’m kind of ecstatic for this one because I’m a huge fan and she is going to play the main character for once!

Kim So Eun’s character, Kwon Oh Bok, dreams of being the best illustrator. She is poor and helpless but she has a big dream and is very determined. She will share a love triangle with a design company’s boss and a hometown oppa.

Kim So Eun said, “I’ve done a lot of bubbly characters in the past but this one is cheery and realistic. Look forward to new side of actress Kim So Eun.”

This drama will also star Jin Lee Han, Seo Hyo Rim, Kang Ji Sub, Kim Mi Suk, Na Moon Hee and more. The drama is set to air in February.



  1. Yay! I'm glad she'll finally be the lead actress instead of just a supporting one.

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