Monday, October 12, 2009

Kim Joon Returns on MNET Scandal?

T-Max member and flower boy Kim Joon has been spotted on a date with a pretty young girl, which had netizens speculating the peculiarity of this - after all, Kim Joon had already been "scandalized" once before. The photos below show the two "lovers" at a photo sticker booth, a merry-go-around, and sitting comfortably while talking to each other.

Netizens have even said things like:

"They seem to be enjoying a date confidently, like a real couple."

"Has Kim Joon gotten himself a real girlfriend?"

Well, feel free to check out the photos for yourselves! Could he possibly be involved in a real relationship with this mystery girl?

Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief, fangirls, because he's not actually involved in a relationship with this girl. It seems that he's only filming for a new variety show which is the Chinese version of the Korean show "Infinity Challenge". It also seems like his fellow flower boy, Lee Minho, will also partake in the filming of this show.

The show will air on October 24th, so you guys can tune if you're interested. I know I am!


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