Monday, October 19, 2009

Hanryu Fondue - LMH, GHS, KJ interview

Summary from susamerica:

Not much new news in that clip above. GHS told the audience that she had a concert with Isao Sassaki the night before. To the question of what she had been doing since the end of BOF, GHS did not fully explain all her activities--only the concert and the directorial debut. She also mentions that she tries to sleep well and eat well and drink about 2 liters of water daily to help with her skin care.

Minho talked about doing his CF's and a some type of a photo book about himself. Joon talked about working hard with his T-max, a new entertainment program based on playing baseball with other entertainers and also a musical. He may actually do another drama in Korea or in Japan!!.

GHS can be so very hesitant in promoting herself---the lady mc was so very intersted in her activities! She has been so incredibly productive with the art exhibition, promotion of her short film, her novel, her cf's, her preparation for the new full-length movie and working on her Cafe Manolin.

Well, we are very proud of you, GHS!!!!

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