Friday, October 23, 2009

Goo Hye Sun Star Interview at Cafe Manolin (10/21/09)


Although I am not 100% positive, I have a feeling that "lucky fan" is the owner of this blog which was listed in DCinside. I am going to translate what he said, esp. the portion he wrote about GHS.

This blogger states that he was one of the interviewers selected to interview GHS on STAR INTERVIEW. He is planning to post the entire interview by next Wed, October 28, 2009.

He says he had a busy week but interviewing GHS was most memorable to him. He says that the STAR INTERVIEW took place at GHS' Cafe Manolin which is located in Kang Nam (WOW, I did not know her cafe was in Kang Nam---now I wonder if Tablo may actually have his wedding at GHS's cafe. He would not identify the location of his wedding but said that it will be a very intimate wedding somewhere in Kang Nam of Seoul! That would be very sweet if it is really true!) He says that Cafe Manolin belongs to GHS and that she actually manages it herself.

He says the STAR INTERVIEW took about 3 hours of interviewing and taking pix. He says she took a pix with him and that she is just so nice. He puts in parenthesis that GHS is "just his type" with a red heart sign! He also says that his mother, after seeing BOF, became GHS fan and really likes her.

Additional photos:

credits:minjee/susamerica/, + as labeled

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