Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glimpse of Lee Min Ho in Malaysia for Etude House Event (10/25/09)i

from deNainXdeNain:

I feel bad for Minho. When he make his way out from the Plaza, the security wasn't so good like when he make his entrance. The guard just hug him and cover him with jacket while he make his way out. But on the way, he tripped! But the guard hold him to avoid him from falling. So Thank God nothing happen. But I just feel bad for him when I saw him tripping.

from deNainXdeNain:

He tripped at 0:03 Anyway, imo he's not photogenic at all cause his pictures don't do him any justice. I know he looks good in picture. But in real life he looks 10000000000000000000000x good


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