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Boys Over FLowers Episode 3 Making

English Translation from

I'm running out of time right now, I'm just going to translate the "most wanted" part first.

From 1:47

Narrator: What was Ku Hyesun doing?
XX : You can't do that.

XX : What are you doing?
MH : What did you say?

Staff with hat: Whispering stealthily closely to the ear what are doing?
XX (sounds like KB to me) : What the hell is this? ("this" refers to MH and HS' s "scene").

[At this moment, MH jumps up and leaves HS alone]

XX: What were you doing?
HS: It wasn't like that…

HS: It's different from what you think.
KB: In front of everybody, what were you doing?

HS: It wasn't like that…
Narrator: If you don't give the answer quickly...(they will keep pestering you)

Updated by jujol: 10/29/09

Here is another translation from the same vid (Eps 3, GHS cut)

From 0:31

MH: It’s hot, I couldn’t sleep well.
HS: I was sweating.
MH: It was so hard to sleep, I have a stiff neck, the sun is so bright...
MH: It was cool in the yatch, right?
[MH was expressing his jealousy because HS had a chance to do filming in a yatch.]
HS: The shooting was ON the yatch (not inside the yatch).
HS: I was ON the yatch. Under the hot sky!

From 1:03
Reporter: Is it delicious?
HS: I’m sleepy, that’s why I eat.
Reporter: You said you didn’t want to eat, but you are eating now.
HS: I also offered Minho but he said he did not want to eat.
MH is swaying his pendant.
HS: So sleepy…

credits: guest for the vid link,, jujo/meow13/

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