Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Updates on Lee Min Ho Events

English translated by loveminho.com

1. The man's clothing brand Trugen held LMH's fan signing event to celebrate the renewal opening of Gangnam shop.

Due to the crowd of fans gathered there early in the morning for the LMH's fan signing event held in Gangnam shop at 2 p.m on September 25, the surrounding area was paralyzed in traffic.

Not only his domestic fans but also overseas fans from aboard such as Thailand & Japan made us realize his hot popularity.

LMH's fans participated in the event wearing a mask spontaneously to avoid to be infected with the swine flu.

Also the people from Trugen made all efforts for the safety such as preparing masks and germicide for hands

Meanwhile, LMH showed thoughtful and warm consideration such as giving his autograph to a handicapped fan first.

Reported by Lee Jihyun, Copyright ⓒ hankyung.com
source: hankyung.com

2. "BOF" LMH had an Amaris LASEK surgery at the EOS eye clinic center.

He visited our eye clinic for the first time at the recommendation of his close friend JIW

His tall height and clear-cut face made our staff' hearts flutter.

His eyesight suddenly became poor in high school but he has lived inconveniently without glasses or contact lens.

So he was sometimes misunderstood because he knitted his eyes or he couldn't recognize a person walking from away.

Now he will not be misunderstood anymore since he got the Amaris LASEK surgery.^^

(Loveminho: I heard MH had an Amaris LASEK surgery in August.)
source: eoseye.co.kr

3. In October, LMH is expected to visit Singapore and Taiwan for the Etude House promotion as the exclusive advertising model.
source: hankooki.com

4. IMX announced that the tickets of LMH's single event titled "Minoz JAPAN First Event" were sold out only within about an hour on 25th.

This event will be held to celebrate the establishment of his Japanese official fanclub "Minoz JAPAN" release of his first photo book "Travel with MINHO" at the Shybuya CCLemon Hall on November 26.

In his first single event in Japan, he who has drawn a big attention as a next-generation top star is expected to meet his Japanese fanclub "Minoz JAPAN" and to show the behind story of the filming for the book "Travel with MINHO" & his mini live show "My Everything"

LMH who showed his high popularity in Japan through instant sellout of his first single event tickets! We are expecting his next activities more and more.


credits: loveminho.com, leeminhovn/ying5387isme@youtube.com

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