Friday, September 18, 2009

Lee Min Ho's Path to Success

If a person becomes famous in 1 night, people certainly forget their previous doubts about his/her efforts. But, with Lee Min Ho, nothing suitable to him other than the phrase: “become famous in 1 night”. That being a newbie playing the lead role in a remake drama doesn’t block his progress, conversely, enables Minho to be the hottest icon in the 1st half or even the whole year of 2009. However, God never said life would be easy. Behind the huge success are the efforts that not everybody acknowledges. Lee Min Ho is not a lucky guy, but a never-give-up one. Before being famous for the role of Goo Jun Pyo, he has gone a long road.

Lee Min Ho was born in 1987 and made his debut as a model in 2004. Then, thanks to the introduction of his management, Min Ho had the chance to meet the person who helps him become an actor later. In that appointment day, Min Ho slept well on the sofa in the administrative department without noticing anyone there. In the impression of group leader Han Dea Si, Lee Min Ho is the kind of person who shows you the nature of a star from the 1st meet. “ At that moment, I decide to work with him”, Dea Si said. A short time later, Lee Min Ho met the acting instructor Lee Tea Young. He’s very pleased with Min Ho’s appearance and stated that the boy just needs to take the right path, then, he’d definitely be a great actor.

In 2005, Min Ho joined the drama "Love Hyum" in a small role. And in 2006, he had his 1st movie called "Secret Campus" in which he cooperated with Park Bo Young, who hits fame through the movie "Speed Scandal". Normally, teen films don’t gain much attention; thus, net traffic of the movie’s website was low. Interestingly, it changed right after the airing of 1st episode of Boys over Flowers with the six time increase of website’s access.

Actually, Min Ho is lucky to be chosen for the role. At that time, the film production was seeking for an actor who could play soccer and also a man having a reliable appearance. Lee Min Ho met all their demands. The filming location is a high school. Undeniably, the handsome look of Min Ho made him the most prominent among the cast. He left deep impression on female students of that school.

During his secondary school, Min Ho’s very handsome, but, because of learning at a male school, he couldn’t get the feeling of being pursued by girls. But, friends of his sister often said that she has a brother who’s as beautiful as flowers. In the high school time, hearing about a handsome boy from another school named Jung Il Woo, with his naughty and curious characteristic, Min Ho visited that boy’s school. Thanks to this turning point, Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo become best friends and then, experienced a fatal accident together, which almost made Min Ho quit his acting career.

Along with the fame, Min Ho’s private life is also an interesting topic. In Korea, people concern about expectant mothers’ dreams a great deal. The media and fans are curious about what Min Ho’s mother dreamt when she’s pregnant. In fact, his mom dreamt about a plateau of peppers even before learning about her pregnancy. When being a child, Min Ho’s very smart, could talk quickly and liked reading papers. The more he grew up, the more handsome he is; so, his mom agreed that becoming an actor is a right decision. His mother plays a very important role in Min Ho’s success. Whatever he wishes to do, she doesn’t object but chooses to respect. She told Min Ho that if he has defined the target, he has to try his best for it, to not regret later.

Lee Min Ho is a kind of guy who could warm up the atmosphere. Sometimes, he crack jokes or being too casual with others; however, he’s actually a thoughtful one. During the filming process, if feeling tired, he never showed it to the crew in order to put away any pressure on them. That’s also the reason why Min Ho thinks that GJP character and him share something in common. Their look and inner have a great contrast.

He’s more sophisticated than people thought. To Lee Min Ho, due to the hospitalizing time, he treasures career more than friendship and love. Not only because of Il Woo’s quick recovery, but also, right after discharging, Il woo joined the show "Unstoppable High Kick ". Min Ho always dreams of being an actor, so we could understand his complicated feeling when being hospitalized and watching friend’s performance.

A drama changes his life

Those, who have witnessed the BOF storm, surely wonder that if it’s not this drama, could the young actor Lee Min Ho make his appearance in the entertainment industry and become famous like he is now? Although he attracted public’s eye through several dramas and movies before, his current fame to the extent that whatever he does, gains huge attention is unimaginable. With an actor, being famous for his look or just 1 film he played is considered the nature. Thus, Lee Min Ho becomes a hot icon after BOF is natural, too.

In fact, Lee Min Ho’s acting path is quite hard. A car accident made him lying in hospital for 1 year and nearly destroyed his acting career. Despite after the recovery, Minho played the lead in the drama "Mackerel Run" of SBS, its 24 episodes were reduced to 8 due to the low rating. “ I am Sam” rating was the same, too. However, Min Ho’s roles in these 2 dramas are teens who’re spoilt and arrogant; this helps him with the essential background that no actor could own to prepare for GJP role. After taking part in several dramas, Min Ho took his acting instructor’s advice to accept 2 other movies called "Our school ET" and "Public Enemy Returns ". During the time of working with his sunbaes like Kim Soo Ro and Kyung Gu Sol, Min Ho has learnt a lot. His acting skill has been improved considerably. “ Whatever role Kyung Gu Sol sunbae plays, he could show his own charm. Kim Soo Ro sunbae’s working spirit is very good, too. They started with nothing and become famous actors today. They’re good examples for me to learn.”

Yoon Ki Sang ,Boys Over Flower director, in his 1st meet with Min Ho wondered that why a person like him hasn’t been famous until now. Immediately, Yoon PD thought of making him become a star. After casting for BOF and being selected, Lee Min Ho felt the great pressure to play such a well-known character when still being a newbie. Apart from preparing carefully for the role, Lee Min Ho had to encourage himself that he would complete this role excellently. He thought the rating of 15% is good enough, but the result was over 30%, which means, BOF won unexpectedly. Viewers’ impression about Goo Jun Pyo changed in a short time. The arrogant and couldn’t-care-less look is so hateful, but, when his feeling growing for Jan Di, people see Goo Jun Pyo’s cuteness and couldn’t stop adoring him.

Hope Min Ho would always succeed on the road he selected . Fighting!!!

credits: DC/MVN, English translation by + as labeled


  1. boys over flower is a very wonderful love story!!!
    especially the role of lee min ho who played as gu jun pyo and kho ye sun who also played geum jan di!!!

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