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Lee Min Ho’s Interview on WoW! Korea

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Lee Min Ho, 22 year-old Korean star, who made his debut in 2006 through a role in the drama “Secret Campus”. Then, he experienced such a hard long time in hospital because of a car accident. The hit drama "Boys Over Flowers" spreads Minho’s fame all over the continent and he is becoming a full potential Hallyu star.

We had an interview with this young guy this week.

【 About the role in BOF 】

Q: In the drama, there’s a scene when GJP throwing the cake into a girl’s face and spilling juice over another friend’s jacket. What’s your feeling then?

LMH: NG… We had to make those scenes several times. Such a harsh scene. I said laughingly: “ all right.” Since her face was full of cream, I thought she’s very cute.

Q: If you were a billionaire as GJP ?

LMH: There’re a lot of things that we could learn from a boy who’s in rich position like GJP, for example, he’s very responsible for what he does. It’s a lie if I say that I’m not a little jealous of him, right? Obviously, being a billionaire, I could do anything, like buying a big house, or anything I want. Although it’s vague, I enjoy living happily with my family and those I love. Such a life is good enough.

Q: If your best friend and you love the same girl?

LMH: It’s really a dilemma situation. Love is something that you cant arrange beforehand. If I know she’s his girlfriend from the beginning, I absolutely orient myself to not have those feelings. But, should it occur in reality, she’s the person who makes final decision.

Q: How about the friendship of F4 now?

LMH: Yeah, because we are busy with our own career, we often have unscheduled meets. At late nights, we drop at my appartment. We don’t like drinking so just playing games.

Q: Becoming a star thanks to the image of a “kkotboda namja”, have your life and thinking changed yet?

LMH: Many people recognize me now, which makes me feel more responsible for whatever I do. I suppose it’s the biggest change. Also, thanks to this role, I receive higher appreciation and get more chance to consider various scripts. And I’m very glad of it.

【 About Lee Min Ho 】

Q: If you have 1 free month?

LMH: After the tight schedule, preparing for the next projects, simultaneously, I also want to complete my own plans. I’d love to travel the most. Venice, Italy. I have heard that Venice is sinking. Before it sinks, I'd like to go.

Q: How’s your 22 year-old?

LMH: I know that I don’t look like I’m 22 ( laugh). But I love meeting others, playing games like people at my age and also traveling with my family.

【About Japan 】

Q: Your impression about Japanese fans?

LMH: Feminine? I see that Japanese fans are a bit different from other countries’ fans. As you see, being a foreign visitor, I use my mother tongue; however, I still feel your closeness and love for me.

【 About next projects 】

Q: Is there any role that you will like to try out?

LMH: Mysterious character. I like horror films. Kind of character has various faces. Like the Korean drama called " Bittersweet Life". I wanna try a role who’s wise and manly.

Q: Your next role?

LMH: At the moment, I’m carefully considering the next work. I have studied quite a few scripts. I’d like to meet you in a great work soon.

【About the photobook】

LMH: The photobook, titled <“旅” Travel with MINHO>, would be released on Sept 30th. It captures my daily life: talking with travelers in the street, or cute kids, wandering dogs…. Each moment is snapped unnoticeably.

Q: Do you want to say something to Japanese fans?

LMH: I’m very happy to meet you on WoW! Korea. During this trip to Japan, I really appreciate your warm welcome. Again, i‘d like to express my gratefulness. Thank you. I’ll try even more and I would love to meet you again in a better image. Thanks for supporting me.

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