Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Koo Hye Sun reveals her own strengths and weaknesses

Talented in acting, singing and directing, Goo Hye Sun and the Japanese piano master Isao Sasaki performed in the SBS Radio program ‘Jung Ji Young’s Sweet Music Box’.

Being asked by the Jung Ji Young, what are the things that she doesn’t know. She replied that if she does not know how to do certain things, then she really don’t know. She cannot remember figures well and she doesn’t know how to cook dishes.

She continued to say that she used to play by herself. Therefore she does a lot assignments during her own time. Especially she likes to do those things that make her sleep late at night.

Being asked what songs does she likes to sing when she went to ‘Noraebang’ (Karaoke Room). She replied that lyrics will be provided in the ‘noraebang’ therefore she knew how to sing almost all the songs. She expressed that she will normally sing SNSD and WonderGirls’s songs when she went singing with her friends.

credit : hying@koreanclick

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