Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kim Bum : Fansigning Event (Sept. 12, 2009)

Actor Kimbum on Sept 12,2009 @ 11 am time, attended a Fansigning event held by ‘Bonjuk’ a Korean Traditional porridge Restaurant which he endorsed, and the event took place in Myeongdong-Seoul City.

Bonjuk is a four-year-old franchise restaurant company established in August of 2002. The Headquarter is located at Chongro-gu Kwanchul-dong, Seoul, Korea and more than 700 member restaurants are located throughout all over Korea. We established a branched in Japan in July of 2005 to Launch and there are 3 member restaurants in Japan now(via reportshop)

The Fansigning event was held to commemorate ‘Bonjuk 7th anniversary’ and attended by estimated 200 people.

credits : at photos + hallyuism

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