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Goo Hye Sun @ the set of her ASFF Trailer Directorial Job

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YStar MC: Today's beauty is not only pretty in face but also very talented and smart. GHS truly fits today's description as a beauty. Y-Star exclusively met with GHS at her PD film work site.

After BOF, GHS' status has been upgraded to a Hallyu star status. GHS has authored, illustrated, directed and is continuing to show her many talents. Last September 24th at dawn, YStar visited GHS's work site where she is very busy directing. This is a cafe in Kang Nam. As soon as the last customer has left, the staff is quickly getting ready to film.

@1:02 GHS is giving direction to the cameraman and to Hyun Jin (the actress in ) to lower her head and to shoot the scene again. She thanks the staff and laughs.

YStar: Through an ardent push from Sunbae Actor Ahn Sung Gi, GHS has been selected to direct a short trailer for the 7th AISFF.

@1:20 GHS: I initially wanted to make a 30 second trailer of a love story with a sad goobye theme, but Ahn sunsangnim (addressing Ahn as her mentor/teacher) proposed more hopeful theme. So, I am reconsidering the theme with a lingering tone of hope.

YStar: Admiring GHS's dedication and discipline, Ahn visited GHS at the the filming site despite that fact that he has other engagements at dawn the next day as well. Ahn finds it difficult to hide his excitement over the fact that GHS is participating to energize and enrich the AISFF this year. It makes him more energetic!

Ahn: first of all she likes and loves movies. She is also preparing for a full-length movie right now. I approached her to ask her to direct the trailer as a sort of a warm-up exercise. She is young and I stongly felt that she will have fresh, original and lively ideas to make the annual festival more alive this year.

YStar: Ahn came to cheer GHS on and he even thought about the midnight snacks for everybody while working so hard into the dead of the night. GHS thanks him and she says that this cafe shop has delicious food. They are talking together about the donuts and offering each other food. The main star of the trailer is Suh Hyun Jin who is GHS' very close friend and also an actress for GHS's .

Suh: She is a type of director that comes to work very well prepared already. She herself is an actress so she is extremely considerate of other actors such as giving me time to rest and sleep. Working with GHS is very comfortable and easy.

YStar: Through much converstion and communication with the actors, GHS is a type of director who tries to bring out the highest form of potential from each actor. So, before the start of the film, GHS is discussing today's "conti" harmoniously with Suh. Like a good director, GHS even examines the details of the costume that Suh will be wearing. GHS says to just squeeze into it,,,it is a clothes for the is so tight (Suh),,,, your face is turning red (male staff ) (The clip and the sound do not match so in this particular video.)

GHS as a director show her plain everyday self. These days, everythig that she does create interest, even as she is preparing for the mystery musical movie. Ahn states that these days it is not enough to know how to do just one thing. He admires GHS's efforts in yet another field from acting, Ahn adds that if one feels happiness from what he does and others also feels the happiness from what one has done, then that is enough. Of course, when one tries more than one thing, I believe that there is a need for even more effort and patience.

GHS: I feel I don't yet deserve to be called artist, director, etc. I still have a lot to learn and in a way I am still a student.

YSTAR: GHS is a talented and AISFF will be even more emriched through the participation of GHS this year. GHS promised to work hard on behalf of short films and Ahn asks for much interest and attendance at the 7th AISFF this November even if to check out GHS's short trailer as a PD.

(Is Ahn Sung gi also the actor organizer of the Good Downloading? Two very dedicated actors and more!)

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