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Goo Hye Sun at Doutor Fan Signing Event (09/12/09)

(may not be exactly the same but spot the similarity with what Lee Min Ho's wearing
in his MBC Interview 09/11/09)

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찢어진 청바지 스키니에...검은 할신고..체크남방 오픈해서 입고 왔어요
torn skinny 할신고=heels(?)...she came wearing an opened checkered jacket
(edit, more like a checkered, oversized shirt, now that I see her in the pix. Regarding her shoes, I see now 할신 means army boots. )

길이 막혀 30분 늦게 시작해서....전 3시 30분쯤 나왔어요...끝나고 포토타임 준다고 했는데
it started 30 min. late due to traffic....I left at 3:30...they promised photo time afterwards

다른 이모카페에서 오셔서 좋은 카메라로 사진 많이 찍으시는듯...나중에 고화질로 보시길~
Another aunt-cafe members came with better camera and saw them take lots of pix...hope you can see them later~(?)

갑자기 열린 싸인회지만 사람 많이 왔어요,,,금새 줄이 뒤 통로까지....특히 남학생들 많이 왔던대요
Although this signing was too sudden and unexpected, many people showed....line formed quickly around to the back of the street...especially so many male students came.

싸인두 기본으로 두장..어떤 남학생은 도토루 싸이두장에...쿠우 포스터에 한장...쿠 음반에 하나..무려
Most people got basically two male student got two Doutor pix signed, another signature on her poster and still another one on her CD--all FREE. (this must be the male fan who wrote his FA below on this thread.)

4개나 받은 사람도 있었음.....생글생글 웃으면서 친절하게 다 해주더군요
There is a person who even got 4 singnatures...she signed for all very kindly while smiling so happily.

전 씨디에 하나...도토루 싸인지에 하나 두개 받아왔답니다~~~
For me, one on my for the Doutor pic--all together 2 signatures~~~

울쿠 살이 많이 빠져서 얼굴이 더 작아진거 같아요....손도 어찌나 작던지..악수하는데...제손안에 쏙 들어오더라구요~~ㅋㅋ
Our Koo lost lots of weight that her face looks even smaller..her hands are so small..I shook her hands,,her entire hand just fit right inside my hand~~kekeke

코앞에서 쿠여신 얼굴 실컷 보고와서 기분 넘 좋습니다~~~
I just stared at Koo goddess right in front of me as long as possible so I am just so happy~~~

credit: pinkfairy/nina67/susamerica/mintcar/ + as labeled, secret

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  1. I just looking both shirt that GHS and LMN look a like. The black and white almost same. Is this co incident or what. She wore inside black and LMN wore black vase. I can not believe they wore same shirt on different occasion on only two days a part.