Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dara Kisses Lee Min Ho in Cass Beer CF

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to be jealous with envy, because Flower Boy, Lee Min Ho and popular female idol group member, Dara of 2NE1 are at it once more for their new Cass 2X CF that has been anticipated by tons of people since it was announced last month. But wait! They're not just holding hands, oh no, they actually have a kissing scene! I can already hear the moans of the schoolgirls and the cries of the Korean military men just waiting to hunt after Lee Min Ho. However, do not worry, for it was just filmed for a Commercial Film. There were no feelings involved, or were there?


Explanation on the Cass CF photos posted in the magazine Hicut.
English translated by

LMH & Sandara Park reborn as a best edge-couple

Through this Cass CF, their own way of peculiar love of these two is shown.

Sandara who takes the role of bartender emphasizes her sex appeal with her trademark of sexy smoky eye and highly tied-up hair.

LMH also turns dramatically into a homme fatal and gets ready to shake lady's mind again.

LMH drops into the bar and sends a seducing eyes on Sandara, but Sandara just ignores it with her disrespectful look.

A company official of Cass said "By putting up two models who are the best popular icons nowadays, we try to express the fresh and 'hip' love that can be made only through Cass."


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