Monday, August 31, 2009

SS501 Greets Chinese Fans at Beijing Fanmeet

Yesterday, SS501 had a very successful fanmeeting in Beijing and personally I'm not surprised... who doesn't love hot guys? Especially when they travel in packs!

The five-man group sang "Unlock," "Deja Vu," "A Song Calling For You" and Triple S's hit, "U R Man." During the set, the members teased each other with imitations; Young-saeng showed the audience how Jung-min looks when he was drunk and even Hyun-joong imitated maknae Hyung-joon's behaviors.

Unsurprisingly, rumor has it that many fans were chasing the boys during their stay in Beijing. Leader Hyun-joong is most widely known because of his role in Boys Over Flowers and SS501 for their song, "Because I'm Stupid," from the drama.

For the conclusion of the fan meeting, the boys sang and encore song and told the audience to anticipate SS501's second album, slated for a September release.

credits: the lost + irenelin005@youtube


  1. Can see empty seats behind in some photos and read that only 60% of the 4,000 seats are sold. I wonder what the boys think when they saw that but I think they should be happy because afterall BOF is still not shown on their mainstream national TV and yet they are so popular, right?

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