Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MNET 20's Choice Goo Hye Sun Plays Rubik's Cube Cut

From susamerica@soompi.com:

GHS says in the clip,"You cannot give me things (i.e.Rubik's Cube) like this. I get a headache from it." Yet, like a woman who likes a good challenge, she keeps at it. On the screen are words that GHS is a honest type who admits when she cannot do something.

The MNET 20's thing is a special feature since there will be the MNET 20s Choice Awards this coming August 28th & it will be held live from (5pm-10pm Korean time) @ Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

The event is being held to grace the choices of the 20s generation on their true trend/cultural setter icons. The event highlights include awards ceremony, blue carpet ceremony and exceptional perfomances. Some of the awards are freshly introduced this year.The final results will be based on 50% from survey ratings from the 20s generation and 50% on the polling outcome.

(How exciting! I wonder if Hyesun eoni is still going to this awards show? I hope she does!!)

credits: trater/susamerica@soompi.com, traterling@youtube.com

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