Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kim Joon : Scenes at his Youth March 8-12-09

We’ve already seen the power of actor Kim Joon’s name in selling musical tickets (when Kim Joon began appearing two weeks into the musical’s run, ticket sales shot up 30%). Here are more scenes from his theater debut in Youth March [젊음의 행진]. These photos come from a press call on August 12, held at the Coex Artium theater in Seoul where the musical is currently running.

The musical features a lot of hit pop songs from the 1980s and ’90s, and thus uses the slogan “Back to the 8090.” Kim Joon stars alongside actors Lee Sung-jin, Lee Ji-hoon, Lee Jung-mi, Kim Ji-woo, and Im Dae-seok. The production runs through October 25.

*hhmm.. ive read in other forums that this is the event that MH & KB supposed to be attending the music hall to support KJ.. but they didnt show up.. a lot of fans waited for the arrival of MH & KB, and they were all disappointed,(including me =(..* (i still don't know what happen.. but i guess the news that was spreading is just a rumor)

credits : at photos+hankyung@javabeans

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