Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kim Joon : On CECI Magazine

Kim Joon Plays Ball in Ceci Magazine

LEFT: On Kim Joon: Cardigan and white shirt by SIEG a Korean label. Tie by XESS Converse sneakers. On female model: Tommy Hilfiger dress, Gap sandals. Right: On Kim Joon – navy jacket by BON, sneakers by Creative Recreations. On female model – dress by Jill Stuart, pink shoes by United Nude.

On Kim Joon: navy shirt and pink tie by TI for Men, white pants by TNGT, Puma sneakers. On female model: cardigan and t-shirt by Vorta America, striped skirt by EnC, Steve Madden sandals

LEFT: On Kim Joon: white shirt by BON, Shoes by Creative Recreation. On female model: yellow jacket by Lauren. RIGHT: On Kim Joon, jacket, pants, shirt by BON, Converse sneakers.

credit : babelhead@babelook

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