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Fan Afternote: LeeMin Ho @ Trugen Conference & Awards (08/12/09) [Updated]

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One fan posted this afternote on DC MH gall on 8/14. Her brother(not by blood) works in the Trugen head office. He attended the Trugen annual conference meeting held on 8/12. At the meeting, he greeted and shook hands with MH. Below is the afternote that the fan has heard from her brother.



When my brother saw MH at Trugen conference, he couldn't believe it. He greeted and shook hands with MH. Later he took a group photo with MH. He felt envy as also being a male since MH has the best noble-looking he has ever seen.

My brother said to MH "You are absolutely cool" while shaking hands, and then MH responded "Thank you" with a bright smile. He felt that he almost got faint for MH in spite of being a male.^^

He admired MH's bling bling skin, nose, eyes and lips since he looked like a perfect sculpture. Also, he admired MH for his height that MH has really long and straight legs with black skinny pants on.

Before he saw MH in person, he had already thought MH's photos in Trugen catalog were really great. However, he saw MH personally then the catalog is not good at all. Comparing with MH's real look, the photos in the catalog are too ordinary and not good enough. He spoke with the highest praise of MH.

It seemed he could not stop complimenting MH.^^ Even my brother is tall, however, he looked upward to see MH at the conference.
LMH politely greeted the staff one by one in the conference and sometimes waved at the female staff who showed their interests in him. (sensible MH^^)

In fact, Trugen holds the conference/seminar annually for 1 night 2 days, and this time MH was specially invited. Since the previous exclusive model Jo In Sung acted for Trugen for a long time, JIS was very close with Trugen staff, and the staff were also very satisfied with him on his prestige and personality.

When JIS joined the military service a few months ago, he visited the Trugen head office personally since he wanted to say goodbye to the staff and treated them to the dinner. As JIS had done a great job for Trugen, the company selected the new model carefully.

Among those nominated actors, Trugen officials finally decided to have MH as the new exclusive model.
At first, Trugen just made a temporary contract with MH with a secret model fee. After that, MH's model fee has increased so Trugen made the contract with MH with model fee that is similar to JIS.

Since the decision for Trugen has not been easy, they have very high expectation for MH. Also MH has been trying his best for being the model of Trugen.
Frankly, Trugen has not expected MH would have the high popularity as it is now when they signed the contract. MH is like a natural model for Trugen.

Originally, MH scheduled to stay there for about 20 minutes but the responses were so enthusiastic that MH stayed there for 10 minutes more.( prudent MH^^) The Trugen people were very surprised to see so many MH's fan gathered there even though it's not his public schedule. I thank all of you who were there and took his photos despite of the hard situation.^^

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