Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lee Min Ho @ Trugen Conference & Awards (08/12/09) [Updated]

a glimpse of LMH at the Trugen Awards

MH's news on 8/12 [Edited]
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First one was Trugen conference meeting. Many fans went there to see LMH but the staff of Trugen surrounded him closely and didn't allow fans to take his photos. Since MH entered the hall quite fast, they only got the chance to have a glimpse of him. They waited for him in the parking lot so they could see him while he was leaving there. Ummm... Maybe Trugen wants to have the 1st hand information and upload MH's photos only on their website.

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  1. Lee Min Ho is surely beautiful outside. But he might not be beautiful inside. He didn't give useful advice to his dear friend Jung II-Woo who needed acting advice to play chaebol character as Min Ho did in BOF. He only said "just do your best!". Right! Who wouldn't want to do his best?

  2. I'm saddened that LMH's might not be beautiful inside just based on his cliche statement for Il Woo to do his best. As for me, I can't judge a person's character outright with one statement esp if it's not in any way offensive.

    As good friends, I'm sure they have their personal talks which are unaccounted for and LMH could have already given Il Woo some detailed useful advice on acting which need not to be heard by others.

    It's understandable that we have our own views on different matters so we're entitled to expressing them. Thanks.